Thursday, December 22, 2005

Busdrivers and politics

I was just out for a siggy and as I'm working at a bus terminal there was a busdriver who came up to me. Most of those guys are quite cool, but as everywhere else you got some weird elements here also. This guy started of talking about betting. He didn't say "hi" or "nice weather" or anything else uninteresting. He started of like "shalf druf lotto frish frof". I had, by other words, no idea what he was garbling about. But he took it as a matter of fact that I knew that this week you can win 1 million by one number in the national lottery. And also that I was going to bet. He then went on to tell me some of his political views. Probably he has some kind of economical problem cause he thought the most important case the government could do today is to use the oil fond and pay back everyones consumption loan. Of course only for norwegians, no no only for norwegians norwegians, the fact that even though your name isn't Tore Torsen doesn't give you the right not to pay taxes didn't seem to strike him. I told him it would be kind of wierd if the state paid such idiot loans. Then he answered "Ifrh druft hafta hafta", again I got no idea what he said. The real funny thing is that this guy who bets and probably has a huge loan because of shopping for christmas claimed that the government should not take care of giving him money when he got old. They should only take care of police, healthcare and firedepartment, lower the taxes and let him store his money. And when he was president he would give away the oil fond to all the stupid people of Norway. This is kind of a normal discussion to have at this terminal. I have nearly stopped caring, and you may say "come on, it's a busdriver everyone knows they are suposed to say stupid things", but there is one scary element in all this, such stupid thoughts are just the same as you find in the real government. Probably it's a government made out of busdrivers, from planet Worf in the Salsa galaxy.

By the way, since I made the link to this page I can monitor how many uniqe hits I get every day. 2 days ago i had 21 hits and the day before 24! Hurray! But yesterday.... only 4. Get your grip together people and log into!


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