Thursday, December 22, 2005

Goooooooooood morning!

I came late to work today.... I was suposed to be at work 06:45 and woke up 07:30 by my boss calling, wondering what the hell I was doing. Since then my day was shit I haven't even had any coffe. But now I'm here and nothing is happening. I will work 15 hours today so I hope it continues like this.

Yesterday me and Mr.D went out shopping. After half an hour Mr.D had spent 800 bucks on one pair of pants and 2 shirts, one which was realy realy ugly, but he said it was cool because it looks expencive. My friend Mr.D is not actually mentally retarded, but sometimes he makes you wonder. The thing is that all of this was for himselves. He didn't buy anything for anybody else. At least not for me. Here's a pic to keep you reading.

Anyhow, before I met Mr.D he used such a long time. He even had to walk his dog. THIS GUY HAS NO DOG! Anyhow I was ready like 2 hours before he had even showered and since I didn't want to stay home I went out. Outside it was like -30 or something and since I was going to shop for christmas I thought it would be better to take a beer. Normaly I don't drink before 11 am, I promise you, but this was quite a special day. I went into a random place. The minute I say, in my darkest voice, "one beer please" I hear two really sweet voices behind me say "Hi Ole!". How could I know that two cute girls from my study would be at this place? The only thing I managed to do was to turn to the bartender and say "Did I say beer? I meant coffe, do you realy think I drink at this time of the day?" Anyhow I got the beer (I had paid for it! It cost 60 krones, they have to be mental!) and sat down with them for a while until they left. I tried to explain them that I was waiting for a friend and only having a beer because of shopping. They just looked at me. That kind of looked at... From then it all went downhill. I bought all the gifts I needed, but after that everything went sort of shady. No wonder I was came late to work today...

By the way, since I'm not in the mood to be funny, you can check out this: freaky christmas dinner!


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