Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The international iPod exchange day

The other day I got my iPod back after loaning it out to a fellow student, Mr. T.

Here is Mr.T and Mr.Ø. Mr.Ø made a cake to our traditional cake monday. Well his girlfriend gave him some help when he started crying of desperation. The cake was quite good.

When I gave my iPod to Mr.T it was full of music which I got from my brother half a year ago. Before that it was filled up with music from my father. I have actually never put music into my iPod myself, I have no idea how you do it. Mr.T had to remove all my music as it was full and he wanted to record some interwievs. When I got it back it was just like having christmas and birthday at the same day. It was full of music. With everything from music Mr.T has made himself and german christmas carols (ok there was some good music in between this). And this gave me a great idea. I hereby proclaim 19th of Desember to be the official iPod exchanging day! Let your old music go and get some unknown masterpieces played into your ear given from other people. But don't tell apple as they probably want some profit.

By the way, to celebrate me finishing exam here are some poor ones who are still struggling (by the way I was chased away taking the first picture because I was laughing hysterically. An old lady came out and said "Hush! We are having an exam in here". My answer: "Why do you think I'm laughing lady!?" and then I ran.)

Ha ha you are struggling I am not!

Mr. M struggling


At 1/05/2006 03:29:00 PM , Anonymous Mr. T said...

Seriously, you got some really good music from me! And since christmas was coming up I thought I was gonna put you in the mood too(no, no, not THAT mood...). But you better admit that your new idol is Heintje - der kleine Kind mit der Golden Stimme!

At 1/05/2006 06:16:00 PM , Blogger Ole said...

I got some fantastic music from you! Specially I enjoy Düreforsög with "Circus bizarre". I can live on months on the music you got me.


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