Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Last years news


I'm working on putting pictures into the post on my history of weird works and it will be fantastic!

Yesterday I was working, and since there wasn't much to do I was surfing the news on the web. And I went nearly mental. Everywere they had article on article about the tsunami. Last year they had everyone talking about it for months and now they start again. I was looking for news, if I had wanted to read about last year I would have checked in the archive. And excuse me for saying, but the fact that some white europeans died in this disaster does not make it a more interesting topic. What about the earthquake in Pakistan, the problems in Sudan or the state of affairs in Norway where you have real disaters going on?

It could have been better if they actually said somethings about the locals living in Kaoh Lak, but no, they tell you about how many norwegians that was gathered in Oslo commemorating the dead, and have stupid polls like "Where were you when the tsunami struck?". And then the ex-minister of foreign affairs and the new one is interviewed on how they look upon the disaster, and they really answer. They don't got the balls to tell the reporter "Fuck off and move on, ask me about some real problems today". I get sick of such stupidity in "news".

Pic of a regular journalist

The problem with reading this and getting upset went to a peak yesterday when a customer came up to me and asked where she could take the bus to Stockholm. I'm sorry woman, but I was upset and you where in the wrong spot. Next time I promise to reply correctly and not scream "CAN'T YOU SEE THERE ARE REAL PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD?!" into your face. I hope you accept my apology and that you found the bus.

I was actually going to tell you about my view on sports, but I will save that one for a better day. Check in soon as my pictures will be ready! UPDATE: pics are ready! Check "My history of weird work".


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