Monday, December 19, 2005


Since it have been a while since I met many of you who I invited to see my blog, here are some pics so you can remember who I am. If you wonder where its from its in Mozmbique where I visited a crazy, but cool belgian who trained rats to search for landmines. Out in the field they told me "No problem, this is a safepath, the rats have been here already." Yeah shure. I was shitscared and begged them to check my protection one more time. But in the end I belive them rats actually works! And they are quite cute as long as you don't discover them in your fridge. More about the rats? Check out apopo

If you wonder why I look like shit and don't care about my appearance I got one simple answer: To shave while travelling is like wearing a smoking at a party, in other words: only for chickens.

I put in a picture of the guys working in the minefield since they are the ones doing the real job. I was just a simple guy on a trip to find a cool story for my studies. And for shure I did!


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