Sunday, December 18, 2005


Goood morning!

This is Ole calling from Lillestrøm bus terminal, I'm watching TV, smoking, and commanding the buses. Nothing much happening exept me being pretty tired.

The last few weeks have been intense as I a had a report to finish before christmas. The report was a group project on "the estetics of fascism" where we studied propaganda posters published in Norway during WWII with a focus on Soviet. My group had a general lack of history, and slightly incompetent in doing an academic work, so we had an argument for the last week, but I took the short cut and rewrote a huge part of the thesis two days before we were going to hand it in. Not nicely done, but even though one in the group got quite angry (AIIC), they never sugested to fuck my version and go back to the old one... Anyhow huge story, not interesting for many other than me.

But during this study I had to check out some general propaganda posters and there is an interesting world out there. Especially I found two american posters which made me laugh, loud (not popular in the library I promise you). But instead of you guys struggling around searching on Goooooogle for "Funny propaganda WWII" (you don't want to enter all those pages, some are quite scary) I will show you the posters here. In a minute.

The first one is quite new I guess (a wild one), clearly not from the WWII, but uses elements from propaganda used back then. As we know propaganda is an universal language.

The second one is maybe the most hillarious propaganda poster I have ever seen. Probably someone thought of WWII as a possibility to raise their opinion on certain matters. But what's most scary is that on some Americans it probably served (if not still serve) its purpose, unluckily not on the big man himself.....

They are both from this site:




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