Monday, December 19, 2005

Trip to post office/excuse to little sister

I just went to the post office to send a christmas gift to my little sister in the States. As a student I do not have much money, but I had bought her a book and some chocolate (ok now you know, but you would have guessed it anyhow). I came finally (after 30 minutes waiting) to the counter and they wanted 150 norwegian krones (1 us dollar = ca. 7 krones) to send it for me. Heck! That like a week with partying and more than the actual gift (yes I'm a cheap brother). I wondered if they had a student price, but the guy told me (nice guy, not his fault) that since the letter was over 350 grams that was the price. Under 350 grams it would only cost me 65 krones which is more affordable. The whole letter weigthed about 600 grams so even if I removed the chocolate it would still be over 350. So then I had a dilemma: should I just drop the whole thing or pay 150? As any normal person would do I found a third way. I removed all the unimportant stuff! So Emily for christmas you will get no chocolate, but a book without cover, introduction, index, blank pages and the last 100 pages.... But as the nice brother I am I will keep all this for you (not the choco, its gone allready) and give it to you when you get home in summer. You have to love me! Merry Christmas!


At 12/19/2005 09:07:00 PM , Anonymous ørjan moen said...

yo verdensbrother ole mort! jeg heier på deg. synes postvesenet skulle sponse den sjokoladereisen for deg. vi lever i et regelregelregel-samfunn hvor det ikke er rom for fri improvisasjon og alle skal tjene penger på å gjøre noe. motherfucker!!!!!!!! vil heller leve i et riegelriegelriegel-samfunn.
lenge siden sist forresten. håper alt står bra til. hadde vært hyggelig med en øltur om ikke alt for lenge!
hilsen ørjan.

At 12/20/2005 12:57:00 AM , Blogger Ole said...

Er du i Norge? En øltur hadde helt klart vært på tide. Si en dag tid og sted så er jeg med. Forresten så lurte jeg posten egentlig, for jeg skrev på tolllappen at pakken var verdt 5000! HAHA så hvis de mister den så skylder de meg masse penger. Hvis ikke så må jo lillesøster betale mye i toll, men det er ikke mitt problem. Jeg lurte dem!


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