Monday, January 02, 2006

Cristmas present from Mr. A

By the way I just have to tell you about this gift I got for christmas from my friend Mr. A (which is not fat by the way, just pregnant).

Mr. A is a genious in making stuff, but this time he had overdone his efforts a bit. He had bought two russian propaganda posters for me, and he had to make something for storing them. And he even told me to meet him at the main train station to give me this packet. So in the middle of the hall he takes it out, gives it to me and proclaims loud and clearly "It's really good, I have made it myself at home". I had to spend the rest of my day with the security personel (who all was from the youth division of The New Norwegian Tourist Association) with a lamp in my face and electricy wiered to my balls explaining my non-connection with foundamentalistic groups. This is what he gave me:


So thank you Mr.A, best day before christmas I ever had! If you want to you can meet Mr.A and order your own example here: Mod that grey box!, and give me your vote (poll on sidebar, right hand) on the next story you want me to give you!


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