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The Cuban Experience

Hi all. Here you go, finally, as promised, the short story of my trip to the country of soscialism, Cuba. (By the way, so far 1 person, yes only one has sent me her phone number. As I wrote earlier I have lost all of your numbers so I need them again if you want me to call you).....

Me, my brother and my father left for Cuba early in the morning. The flight over the atlantic went well exept for one slight problem. When I fly up high I tend to accumulate gas in my stomach. So after 5 hours flying they had to realease the oxygen masks while they changed the air inside of the plane. But we arrived safely and the captain promised me that I didn't have to pay extra for this.

In Havanna we went with the cheapest taxi we could find directly to the best hotel. When we checked in the girls at the desk looked at my brother and me and asked "Are you going to stay in the same room?" "yes" we said and the girls coul barely hold themselves from laughing. I found this a bit strange, but when I entered the room I understood the reason for them laughing. This is what greeted us:
Together with this creation was a note with two harts and a poem which said: "A drop can drilled through a stone not because of its strenght, but because of it's constancy"(I'm not shure if i truly know what they meant with this poem). It showed out that dad had ordered the honeymoonsuite for me and my brother. No wonder that the desk ladies was smiling. They probably thought me and my brother was just married. I bet that was the reason why the whole hotel was smiling everythime anyone saw us.

But anyhow. We spent two days in Havanna at it is probably one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to was it not for the fact that its horribly ugly. All the houses are from the start of the 20th century, but noone has cared to paint them or keep things in order. Because of this nearly all the houses are about to colaps, and some of them have allready colapsed.
They also have a grave problem with their sewage system. Everywhere in the streets you could see water, and it was not because of cleaning and it was not raining. Trust me you don't want to know why I know but I know it was sewage water. Even the rats cant stand it.
In daylight you could jump over this, but as they had none streetlight exept for in the main streets it was not funny to walk during the night. You could use your nose as a guide, but I promise you the smell of Havana is not the smell of cigars. In theese streets they also sell their meat. Not the best idea to eat. Ask my dad.
After two days we went by car to Trinidad. Or we rather tried to. First we had to get out of Havana and onto the highway. And we soon learned that there are none streetsigns in Cuba. First we went quite well. We thought we had found the highway as we were driving on quite a big road, but we understood that something was wrong when the road suddenly turned into a tiny dirtroad. We turned around and got some instruction from a cuban guy. This time the road didn't stop to exist. The only problem was that it existed underneath the water and there was no tunnel. After driving on such strange roads for about an hour some cuban guys told us they could be nice and accompany us and show us the way. After they had taken us onto several small roads we finally found the highway and we where in the correct direction. We gave the guys to much money for their help. And after they had gone so was my mobile phone. In addition we later saw that we actually was on the correct road when we picked up the guys. They had just taken us in a huge circle. We, three well experienced travellers got fooled like fucking amatures. I will never talk about this incident again. But we met some danish guys who recieved the same "help" and they lost the bags with all their money, phones and ticket home, so we were actually lucky. I bet cubans pick down the streetsigns so they can fool stupid tourists....

Anyhow I blocked the mobile phone and we went on driving to Trinidad. A trip which should have taken 3 hours lasted 7 as we lost the correct road off the highway and it showed out that the road marked on the map only was a dirtroad which went over some huge mountains. But Trinidad showed out to be a small and very nice city.
We spent two days in Trinidad and we lived in a private home belonging to an old couple and their daughter. They thought it was horrible that we should eat outside when we could eat in their home.
In Cuba people sell everything, they offer you their help as a guide, their sister, sigars and even their poor grandmother. But ofcourse everyone have to get money to eat. I really wanted to buy some cuban sigars to bring home, but as I didn't want to be hustled on the street I asked the guy we lived with if he had any tip on where I could buy good sigars. He went a bit silent, looked at me and said "Come". He took me into his living room and brought out two boxes of sigars. At that moment I thought it would be a good idea to ask him where one might find good women as his daughter was quite cute.

Anyhow there was a party going on in Trinidad which started the day we arrived. The whole town was out selling food and drinking in the streets. We where told that there would be a great show going down on the main Plaza. We went to see the show, but after listening to old ex-famous cuban singers crying out their songs for an hour we were quite fed up. When 5 guys came out on stage in white dresses which they pulled up to show their underpants while dancing we went home. These guys where actually much better:

After seeing Trinidad we went on to this small place in the middle of the bush where my brother could dive and me and dad could go snorkeling. The water was blue, nice and clear, but we felt a bit fooled on the first trip when they took the boat only 10 meters out. Me and dad could rather have gone out for snorkeling from land instead of paying 5 dollars to be in the boat.
Thingy in the sea which I'm happy I didn't step on:

After the diving we went to Cienfuegos. This was a bigger city than Trinidad, but also nice.
Here we got our first direct offer from a girl who wanted to spend the night with us (one for all three, she must have thought we were really cheap), but we also experienced one of the highlights from the trip. We went out to eat on a restaurant which according to our guide should be quite good. Like in all the other restaurants we had visited the food was horrible (cubans does not know how to cook). After dinner we went out to have a drink on the bar of the same place. As we are sitting down drinking a rom with coke, my brother turns suspiciously silent. Beside us, in a dark spot of the place, a couple is having sex. My father and I found this rather fascinating, to my brothers embarrasment and I coul not resist to take a pic. (If you zoom in you can nearly see them behind the plantthing):
After cienfuegos we went on to Pigs Bay which is famous for the us-backed contrarevolutionary invation when Castro gave the US a heavy blow. Its one of Cubas most proud moments and the place is celebrated on propaganda everywhere you go in Cuba. Exept for in the real bay. It was just by luck that we found the museum which they have here and ofcourse it was closed as we came. I tried to snorkel at the spot to find some dead americans, but they have probably been picked up all and placed in the museum as I found nothing.

My brother trying to push my father into Pigs Bay:

We then drove back to Havanna. Exept for a lost mobile phone and one punctured tyre (hey the bus was in the other lane and the hole in the road just popped up from nowhere!) we had a good road trip. Safely back we checked into Al Capones old favourite place in Havanna, Hotel National.
Cuba16 A huge and higly exelent Hotel.

The last two days we spent exploring Havanna and hanging out with a swedish friend of my brother. We also finally found a place where they served good food, and was once more questioned if we wanted to entertain a poor lonesome girl. We also saw some guys who had taken onto such an offer. They were fat, ugly and with extrordinary horrible grins on their faces. They should have been hung up by their balls the girls was probably under 17 years old. But we did other stuff:

Local bus:

Local bar:

Havnesian street:

Dad and brother in Capitol Hill, Havanna:

Dad at seaside:

Dad taking the lead:

Me in the kiddies playground:

Our last night we went to have a real cuban experience with the show "Tropicana". Our taxidriver told us that if you have been to Cuba without seeing this show, you haven't been to cuba. And I enjoy cuban culture.


The flight home went reasonably ok. We had to land in Jamaica as I still got gas in my stomach when flying. Combined with cuban food for 10 days it was not a good experience for anyone. My father lost his ticket home in Amsterdam and KLM lost our luggage the same place. But all in all a fantastic trip!


At 1/24/2006 05:08:00 PM , Anonymous Dad said...

We all think it was a good trip!

All what OMIR says is the truth and nothing but the truth. What he does not say are scandalous,awful lies.


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