Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Everything was better during the war?

I have been studying again this week, and in my studies I have to work through a lot of old newspapers from the war. In one of these papers I found an piece which is a diamond of an article. Since I am a nice person I will share it with all of you: Aften2 The headline says "Forbidden for fat and ugly people to wear shorts". I'm not going to translate the whole article because its so long. But the important thing is that the police chief in a small village in Denmark, Hillerød (which is about the size of Oslo) have made a law which forbids fat and ugly people to wear shorts.In his opinion "...its offending to the public when halfold people, both male and females, who has lost their classic curves, starts to walk around in the streets dressed in as little as possible and with clothes which are as ugly as possible. When one gets older one have to think of ones fellow citizens and put on more clothes."

The funny thing is that the poor policemen who worked in Hillerød at that time got equiped with a camera. When they saw someone who they though of as fat and ugly, dressed in shorts, they where supposed to take a picture of them. Then a court should later decide if they really where fat or ugly. I would love to get my hands on one of those court reports.

The chief of police in Drøbak, Norway, says that they will not use such laws in Drøbak. But only because its not a problem here since the police chief thinks "People whom are ugly can not have any pleasure of displaying themselves". The writer of the article obviously thinks the chief of police is far off, that would be the chief of police in Drøbak. The guy in Hillerød gets his full suport.


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