Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Interesting visitor

Hi to the world!

Today our luggage arrived (which KLM had forgotten to load on the plane from Amsterdam). But they were kind enough to send it to us by Taxi from Oslo Airport. They were even so kind that they sent my suitcase all the way to my parents house. So now I'm blogging naked and I don't want to think about how my clothes will smell when I finally open the luggage. So I still haven't recieved the pics from Cuba.

But while you wait for my vacation report of how hot and nice I have spent the last 10 days I will share another interesting thing with you......

I have registered my blog in a statistic counter thing which tells me how many people that comes into my page, where you all are logged into, how long you are on my blog and which stories you read. By this I can also see how you found my page (relax it I'm not doing surveilance. I'm only trying to learn what you want more of).

But one guy, a wild guess tells me his a guy, had an interesting entry to my blog. He was logged on through his job (no, I am not cruel enough to tell you where he works), in La Mirada, California. Clearly he was searching for something more interesting than my page as he came trough here (scroll all the way down to find me).

If this is the way I can get more visitors I can tell you that in Cuba I did not see any BEAUTIFULE NAKED WOMEN! We did see a couple having sex though, but for that story I really need my pics. Guess you guys out there can't wait now.

I have also found out another interesting fact. Probably many of you know that typing www.omir.org in the adress bar will take you directly to my page (no you don't need to search for porn to get to my page, but if you prefer it go ahead). Omir was the clown name I took for about 5 years ago, but it shows up that someone else had claimed this name long time before me. So next time you log into omir.org you should be aware that someone might monitor you in the believe that you are looking up the webpage of the Organization of the Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution (no kidding, they really exist and they are better known as The OMIR).

But relax it, if anyone in black suites, with sunglasses, shows up on your door, I will stand up for you in court. That will be, if you recieve one before they take you into the forest and shoots you.

Please come back whenever you feel to, I serve all you want from fanatical group to women who needs you to keep them warm as they have lost their clothes.


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