Monday, January 23, 2006

Shitty job

I'm not paid well enough for my job. I had just a horrible experience. Some lame asshole thought it was a good idea to pee with his clothes on and leave them all in the toilet. And who had to clean up? Yes correctly, me. I think I have to puke now and take a shower. I thought these things was over after I stopped working at the old people's home. Maybe the guy was a part of this group.

The worst thing is that nobody said anything, but still used the toilet with this dirty clothes laying around. People are mentaly retarded sometimes, or they really have to use the toilet. My guess is option number one. How the guy managed to get out of the terminal without clothes is still a mystery. Especially since the place is crowded with armed police since the president of Pakistan is visiting Norway. It feels so safe having 100 policepeople around you armed with MP5s with scopes. I'm scared of leaving the building now.

Actually it's horribly stupid. They spend more money on security during this visit than the budget of a normal norwegian town. They also tell people to keep away from the center of Oslo. Yes they are mental! Probably it was the person in charge of the security who peed himself in exitement and left his clothes at the terminal. Probably the next VIP who visits Norway will be offended if he/she does not get the same security protection. Fuck, if they have to mess up like this they could rather have the meeting far away in the mountain, deep inside. It would be best if they invited all the VIPs of the world to this place and closed the door. Just so you know, there hasn't been any voilent attacks in Norway since 1945. And back then it was the norwegians themselves who ran around and blew up stuff. It's all a fucking theatre and we are paying for it.

Meanwhile I take a shower to clean myself from the horrid experience you should check out this group and their song. If somebody buy it, I for shure want a copy. But no way if they will get any money from me. I have allready spent to much on the theatre going on outside.

Talking of music I got a new friend today! So feel free to check out MP3experience, but remember to come back to my site. The hot spot of the net.


At 1/24/2006 04:21:00 AM , Anonymous Emily said...

Yeyeyeye ikke klag, jeg maa spise skole maten min i en by som aldri har vaert angrepet med en vepnet politimann over meg, tro meg det er skumlere, men naa har jeg noverlevd florida ogsaa. Saa ut som om vi koste oss saann ca like mye, bare at jeg saa masse hud paa feite damer i boblebad og ikke tropicana show.... hehe snakkes snart klemmer

At 1/25/2006 05:48:00 PM , Anonymous dad said...

The historical authority emarks that as to terrorism in Norway you have overlooked Shin Beth killing an arab waiter in Lillehammer back in the seventies. Otherwise you are right.

At 1/27/2006 08:49:00 AM , Blogger Ole said...

But Shin Beth and Norway was pals, hey we even got them safely onto the plane home. So that was not real terror, just a small mistake which may be forgiven among friends.


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