Saturday, February 11, 2006

Baby for a jukebox?

Mr. A is having a baby!

As I'm writing this the poor guy is at the hospital, nervous as hell, waiting for the small one to come. His girfriend is probably having a hard time comforting both him and herself...

Miss S and Mr. A (Mr. A is the one on his knees)

Last time I spoke with him he was crying in despair begging me to do the proposed change, but no way I said.

This is my new ghettoblaster:

Yes mom I actually went and spent money on this. Quite a lot of money...

For once its my turn to be the lucky one, and I will NOT, I repeat: NOT trade my jukebox for the baby. You can maybe borrow it and even come to my "Bring your own CD" party, I can even watch your kid for like, an hour or two (that is a pretty long time so I have to think about it), but a permanent trade... No thanks!

Enjoy the newborn Mr. A and congratulations! And I hope you still will get some spare time to fix my jukebox with me so it will work, and maybe some time to hang out with us grunts. And for sure I will invite myself to dinner at your place to see the kid, a lot (Yes, I heard that "Oh no" coming from your mouth Miss S). Update on the baby will come as soon as its out in daylight. I have asked Miss S to bring me some cool pics of when Mr. A falls to the floor!


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