Thursday, February 23, 2006

Back to civilization!

After 3 weeks trapped in the forest I will go back to civilization today! As you all know after having read my posts I have been watching my parents dog and their house for a while now. I was supposed to study hard, but have you guys ever tried Wolfenstein Enemy Territory? A truly fascinating game. If it is studyrelated? Well since I am writing about WWII and terrorism I find it hard to see that it's not...

I mean just like them Norwegian grunts were fighting and killing nazis in Norway I have been killing them in the European Theatre! One of the maps is actually called "North Pole" and that is not far from Norway. I managed to take 3 of them fuckng nazis at the same time with only one landmine the other day. Am I a lifetaker? Am I a hartbreaker? Fuck yeah! So yes, I have been studying hard.

To celebrate my parents homecoming I will give you a new video. Of course all of you have seen this one. Probably some of you thought it was too long and a bit much talking. I know that you at least pretend to do something productive and don't have too much time to step by my blog. And some of you were for sure thinking "Give me some more fire!". As I love to follow the public demand I herby give you "Fire Within":

Hey! I did not claim it to be better than the other one. Just for fun here is another nobody, also having fun with fire:

And a short one just to give you some action time. This is so fun ain't it?


At 2/24/2006 12:22:00 AM , Blogger ohz said...

i really like this "read more" thing. how do you do that?
hey do you wanna link to me or something? i could link to you....or something.


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