Friday, February 24, 2006

Funny Friday!

Happy friday everyone!

The weekend is here and all work and no play makes Ole a boring guy, so to celebrate the love for life here are some stuff for you to get you ready for some real partying!

First of all I give you "Wr√łk" which is a music video made on a song which I have no idea where came from. Enjoy:

If you think this music was quite normal I would like you to send me a song played on The Cat Piano that's an instrument I would love to hear a symphony played on.

I found a funny thing while being at home in my parents house. In my little sisters room, yes I was poking around, there was a message given to her for misconducting at school. On the message it stood "In math class Emily stated loudly several times 'I allready know this stuff!' and called the teacher a 'False Liar'." Why didn't the teacher just write "Emily is a pain in the ass!" Way to go Emily!

I have allready showed you why Cheney shot his friend, but Jay Leno has actually made an investigative interview with him to get some straight answers:

And Mr. Dick does not stop here, now he also messes up with the olympics:

Who is Michelle Kwan? No idea and I don't care...

I think one actually should put Mr. Cheney behind bars. Clearly he is a danger to the human race, just look at his history of violence. More video on the shooting? Check here.

I have not seen the gaypower movie Brokeback Mountain yet, but I heard it is booooring, well one person said it was good, but that was a girl so that opinion does not count. But I would like to see these versions:


one more then:

Want more? Ok here is the Dumb and Dumber version:

Those movies would maybe even make it to the oscars!

By the way, I'm in good company since Bush jr. has obviously not seen the movie either:

Complete malapropo here are some creatures who should get a prize for weirdness:

I would like one for my birthay!

They remind me of the good old game "Lemmings". An while thinking about old games, this guy has way to much time on his hands.

What I don't want is this! Can anyone tell me why one would buy this thing?

Well the wekend is here and I guess many of you will go out on town for some fun. But before you go you might want to learn how to dance like a white guy:

Also I would recomend you to check out The english language is not that easy always.


Anyway I hope this made your day better, and remember if everything goes wrong Skatman might save your life!

I also promised Mr. M to put in some olympics stuff so this is for him primarily and secondly for all you others:

Ah, I almost forgot. Here's some pics that are
close to porn
for ya all.

Oh... This was so much fun!

I just say poor mom. Imagine when they are crying. That's what may happen when they understand that wrestling is not for real...


At 2/24/2006 09:14:00 PM , Blogger ohz said...

you're funny. real funny. how come you don't have email enabled on your blog???? i always have to leave random comments that have nothing to do with your blog. thanks for the expandable post thing, i'm gonna do it! thanks....

At 2/25/2006 04:24:00 AM , Blogger Videos by Professor Howdy said...

Nice blog - Best Wishes...

At 3/01/2006 04:23:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAha i saw brokeback mountain. It was boooooring, more like a documentary on gay cowboys life, something i see everyday up here. Anyway that tardy message is a collectable, Aug has even more of them, stole them from the teacher so our behavior grade wouldnt go down, worked smoot, is going to teach the same trick to our little niece when she grows up.


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