Monday, February 27, 2006

A joke on a monday

Today I have been studying all day. Also I have worked a bit as I lead a seminar on the history of media for students who have just finished high school and rather want to party than to study. So I had two students in my group today.

Anyway I think you deserve an update so here is a good old joke I found during my studies:


Two german SS-soliders on service in Norway walks past a farm. By accident one of the soliders shoots a pig resting by the road. As they have been trained all their life to admire the farmer and his work the soliders feel really bad about the incident. And after a short discussion the misfortunate goes up to the farm to tell the farmer the bad news.

After a short while he comes back out again with a grin on his face and with flowers in his hand. His comrad asks him, quite surprised:

- What happend? Didn't he get angry?
- Nein he got quite happy!
- Whaz did sie say to him?
- Heil Hitler, die swein ist dead!

Since I believe in humor as universal language which may survive even 60 years I present to you the updated version:

Dick Cheney was out hunting with a good friend. They had been hunting all day long and was quite impatient as they still hadn't catched any game. Then suddenly Mr. Cheney sees something move in the forrest, and he quickly aims and fires. The second thereafter he hear a dog yelp. As he and his friend move in closer (20 cm away from the dead creature) they realise they have shot a dog belonging to the ranchowner.

Cheney first wants to run and forget the incident, but his friend explains that it would make a bad public image, and worse for the branding of the Cheney name if he ran away. So Dick realises in the end that he have to go up to the farm and inform the rancher about the incident.

His friends waits and after a short while Mr. Dick comes out of the ranch with a huge grin on his face, and his arms loaded with Oreo crackers and "As If It Was Butter". His friend ask him surprised:

Friend: What happend? Didn't he get mad?
Dick: No he got quite happy!
Friend: What did you say to him?
Dick: I saw a bush move and I shot the bastard!

dick in face 2

Today I'm fucking funny! This guy is obviously talented but crazy, just as crazy as Mr. Cheney:


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