Saturday, February 18, 2006

More acdamecial stuff

An acdaicmeal reaserch stdiued upon at an unveiristy in Enlagnd has coclndued that if the two first and the two last leettrs in all words are cocterly plcaed it dosen't matter in which order one place the rest of the letetrs. The text is copmtelely rebadale even thuogh if the wireter make a colepmte chotaic mess of the other letetrs. This is beuacse pepole don't read each letter alone, but oraignze the word as a whole...

That would be if one know how to write the word in the first place.


Why didn't my teatcher ever learn that?

Just for fun, here is Mr. Dick Cheney explaining why it was in his nature to fire upon his friend. With a little help of Letterman....

Clearly he is a natural born killer. Thanks to YouTube to host this flash video!


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