Sunday, March 19, 2006


I got my hands on a fanstatic offer and since I am a kind person I hereby give you the chance to take on to this fantastic thing. The only thing you have to do is to answer one simple question. And remember first come first serves!


What I got is a free ticket for two people to a Minicruise with Color Line to Hirtshals, Denmark. You will take the boat across the ocean from Oslo to this beautiful city. If you are still standing up on arrival you can take a stroll in the city before the boat takes you back again. On board you will have access to your very own luxury cabin with two beds and no windows.


The band consisting of Morten and Marit will do their very best to entertain you. And you may also compete in the fantastic quiz cruise where you can compete amongst others to be the next Quiz King. Best thing about the whole cruise: You will be allowed to smoke inside!

Mona og Morten are ready to entertain you!

If you want company from more than one friend you might buy a 3rd and a 4th ticket for only 150NOK per person. But you have to be quick as the ticket is only valid until 31st of March!


What I want to know is: Whats the name of the new chief of the New Norwegian Terrorist Organisation, formerly known as "The Norwegian Tourist Organisation"? To give you a hint: The persons favourite outfit is a simple American flag, and she does not have sex, she only goes on hiking trips with her male friends. Neither has she ever spent taxpayers money on having such sex.

Name this person!

Be the first to tell me, and become the main center of attention when you invite your friends to a cultural trip to the land in the south! But remember, one have to be 23 years old, or in companion with parents or other responsible person to use the ticket. Enjoy!


At 3/27/2006 06:28:00 PM , Anonymous Boris Popov said...

The woman on the picture is one of my favorite girls. Her name is Svetlana Andropov, she is 52 years old, and she has a degree in russian typewriting. And to your complete surprise, she is singel and looking for a nice norweegian husband!

You give me the tickets, and I will send you Svetlana (and give you her teenage daughter for free!).


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