Friday, March 03, 2006

Fun with Asia on a Friday

Happy friday everyone!

The weekend is here again so it's time to put on a smile and celebrate with style. To help you on this mission I have found some funny stuff to make you laugh. At least I think they are funny.

This Friday I will focus upon Asia and this mysterious culture. I mean whom other than the asians would create inventions like these?


Anyone who has seen the movie Lost in Translation know that the asian culture is a bit stange. Anyone who has seen the movie The Last Samurai know that this movie sucks, big time. But a thing that does not suck on the other hand i Asian game shows. I mean in a normal game show stupid things like this may happen:

or if you are realy lucky maybe this will come on your screen:

In asia they have learnt that this kind of shows are quite boring and have added what you may call a slice of crazyness to the whole game show idea. I must admit that I have some problems to understand it all so I hope my new friend Suzie, who claims to be a korean "in good and bad ways" to help me out a bit. Could you please explain what all this is actually about because some of it is quite, how should one put it, bizarre is a word I would use at least. Just check this out:

or this:

but this guy was lucky compared to this one and his stupid granny:

And now you might think: "Ok its a bit strange but still not like mental crazy." Well check these ones out:

they do not only play with water. They also play with girls:

and its not always just for fun (guess who's not faking it, wonderful concept):

Ah one just gotta love being Asian. No wonder if they somethimes get a bit tired if this is what they look at with their families on a Saturday evening.


For some this kind of entertainment can bee too much:

But on an Asian game show one have to face the thing that makes one frightened. Especially if it can create som boobyjumping:

But Suzie, some of these things I can't even try to explain as I have no clue wathever that is happening. This for example:

I can understand that a string is interesting, but what is the girl doing on the show? You have to explain Suzie as I demand an answer.

This thing (WARNING: TO MUCH EVEN FOR ME. NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!!) you don't have to explain. I won't believe you anyway. It's just far over the top... (but you had to click, didn't you?)

But of course one can't be complete sane when one lives in houses like these.


But the Asians are also fantastic somethimes and they do enjoy a bit of culture once in a while. I hope you will enjoy your weekend an dance away just like these guys:

To close this Funny Friday for now I will show you what happens when CNN runs out of news:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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At 3/03/2006 07:24:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo, this is wack. why you gotta be hatin' on the asians? 

Posted by suzie

At 3/03/2006 07:28:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not me who we are going to evaluate here. Next Friday maybe, but today the point was for you to explain this game show buisiness they have in Asia. At this is no hate in this. Just curiosity. 

Posted by Ole


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