Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Johnny Cane Band makes us go Schwing!

After weeks of nervecracking excitement the vote on which tunes that make people most horny is finally over. The people have stated their opinion, and the result is ready to be published:

The poll got tremendous attention and rumor has it that 1 relationship was destroyed because of it, on the other hand 5 new was also started because of it. At least for one night. 34 people listened to the different tunes and managed to click on their favorite. Probably many more tried, but of course they could not contain themselves as the wonderful tunes spilled into their ears and never managed to put in their vote. Comprehensible comprehensible its all understandable.

So the poll went as this:

Pherotones or The Johnny Cane Band? For info read the 'Pherotones or The Johnny Cane Band?' story.

Pherotones is hot! 6 (17%)

Johnny Cane starts my lovepump 28 (82%)

34 Total votes

As you all can see The Johnny Cane Band pulled of the victory because of 28 horny people out there. Pherotones recieved 6 votes, but as stated who knows how many people that actually managed to put in their vote because of the circumstances. Probably the world is no longer safe because of horny people out there now.


But even though it is hard to check the validity of this, The Johnny Cane Band is the one who will garanteed start your love pump. A hell lot better than viagra! Or as one of our contributors state it:

Oooh, those countryboys make me feel like a homo from "Brokeback Mountain"!

We just can't wait until their next consert. It's gonna be a hell of a party.

But one thing have to be done before I can hand in my article to the Journal of Freuds Fantastic World.


Dr. Myra Vanderhood has managed to get a video evidence on the effect caused by her Pherotones.

Of course if I want to be taken for serious on this study I need the same kind of proof on the effect done by The Johnny Cane Band. So please people help a hard studiyng guy out. Get me a video evidence on the effect caused by The Johnny Cane Band. This will give you both fame an glory, and it will be a priceless contribution to the knowledge on human life!

Oh just by thinking on The Johnny Cane Band gives me the tickle. I can't wait for their next consert!

Talking on music I would recomend check out my friend Morten and his blog. I'm especially thinking about his post "The worlds coolest invention" where he promote the music generator Pandora. If you like some kind of music you will get more of it here. Fantastic to use while working or surfing on The Hot Spot of the Net.


At 3/05/2006 09:01:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Johnny Cane Band wants to thank everybody that voted for us! Now; you should all go home, listen to The Johnny Cane Band & get laid!!! Good luck!  

Posted by Mr. Triggerhappy


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