Friday, March 10, 2006

Kids and cats gives us fun on a friday

Hurray! It's friday again.

Time goes fast when one is having fun! And just to make your weekend go faster so it wont be long until monday I give you some of that. This time we will explore kids, cats, and some more kids...

Last month I told you about Mr. A getting a baby. It may have looked like I wanted a kid myselves. I can tell you for shure NO WAY!

I mean who want kids? They are anoying, crying, stupid, disturbing creatures. Just look at this one. The fact that he is a Kraut does not excuse his behaviour. I bet you he will grow up to be a new famous german, his parents should check on his medication! No I rather support this guy:


The other thing that somethimes might be more unpredictable than kid are cats. But they might serve you some fun from time to time:

give the kid one kitty!

What is better than a cat attacking a kid? Maybe a cat attacking a grown up man... Just listen to him scream. Its a beauty:

I mean isn't it lovely? A full grown man screaming out in pain! What could possibly beat that? A cat screaming maybe:

Oh I just love this stuff. But the funniest things is not what cats do to people, but what people do to cats:


or even to their dogs:


If people have to do these sorts of things I think its better if they do it to their baibies. At least they deserves it.


But people do stupid things to their kids. Like giving them stupid names like Abba, Apple, As-Matik, Blade, Confession, Dwarf, Hey, Knight Sir Lancelot and Stalin. People do es clearly have a sence of humor at least, but poor kids when they grow up. "Hi I'm As-Matik." "Poor you! How do you manage?" What a great conversation to have when applying for a job.

But some kids should have been named Stupid. Because they deserve it.

Stop that kid!

So what do you do if your girl or by complete accident your friends girl, gets pregnant with you? You are fucked. At least if you live in South Dakota. But do be a gentleman and give her a pregnant keychain as a gift:


For the rest of us there is life to be lived! So get in there,
play some bowling, and win a cruise to the South!

And use a condom! And please, don't claim they are to small, if you got that large a penis you should see a doctor and not the poor girl!

Enjoy your weekend, and for the record I have never been a kid. I had to shave myselves from the day I was born! On the chest! Twice a day!

Hit it granny!

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At 3/10/2006 10:35:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, that german kid is really angry. I couldn't even watch the whole thing, I stopped after his small singing number. Funny, but also, very very scary. This guy is going to be running Germany some day. 

Posted by morten k


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