Sunday, March 12, 2006

Me at trafficlight party with bad wingman

Yesterday I went to a trafficlight party... Yes I know it sounds like a desperate thing to do, but as it was the place closest to my home it was not such a bad idea. But the concept was quite strange. At the door you get a ribbon in one of three colours, red, yellow and green.


If you have a girlfriend and don't want any attention you get the red ribbon, if you might be taken (sic!) you get the yellow and if you are desperate you get the green one which symbilizes "Come get me!". Of course you have to be prepared for anything, so I got one of each:


You never know when you will need a red ribbon, cause for every hot girl on these parties there are probably ten not that hot, but who crave for my attention. Then it is best to flag the red ribbon.

I went to this party with my friend Mr D. And we where probably the oldest persons to come to this party. I bet the age mainly was around below 20.


Since Mr. D. is more or less happily married he had only one task at this party. He was supposed to act as my wingman and fence of the notsohot friends who accompanied the veryhot ones. But did he managed to do this? I guess he was a poor wingman.

As I talk to a girl ofcourse her friend comes up and have to be introduced. I am polite and shake her hand, but when she ask what I do I tell her: "I'm a truckdriver." Her reaction? "That is so exciting! Please tell me more!"

I try to wave her off with my red ribon, but does she take a hint? No! So I tell her I drive animals who has been abandoned by their owners to a location where they will get shot. Now this one had to be a maniac, cause she thought this sounded fascinating and wanted to know how one actually kills the animals. She probably worked in B├╝chenwald in her last life.

By this point the hotty has turned green in her face and ready to leave. I try to flag down Mr D with my red ribbon now. But what does he do? He drinks up his beer and leaves for the bathroom! Not fun for me as I have caused the hottie to feel sick and only managed to arouse her notsohot friend. What a bad act as a wingman! His excuse? "No way if I want to talk with her!" Next time I will bring another wingman. One with lower standards, and preferably with little self respect.

What I did? Come on, my mom reads this stuff. But if something fun had happened, I promise I would have told you the story.


One funny incident happened though. As I stand by the bar to get a beer I suddenly feel something hit my leg. As I look down I see a girl who has clearly fainted (I had nothing to do with that one, I promise you). A guard come rushing and bends down to check on her. After a short while she comes to her sences and gets up. And what does she do then? She shakes her head and continues to drink more beer! Fantastic! And the guard does not seem to mind. One have to love student parties!


At 3/14/2006 04:46:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

#1 better to drive pets than to work on the bus station dear brother, at least then ur meeting people, not lokking at people taking a dump in a trashcan! #2 no one with dignity goes to a traffic light party, and #3 the passed out girl where probably one of my friends. Time for u to get a dog ???? 

Posted by Emily

At 3/14/2006 11:06:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emily, you are scaring me now.

You would rather have a guy who drives animals to get shot, and hangs around with the exterminators, than a guy who watches other people take their dumps in trashcans?

Also you try to poke fun at your brother? Time for you to come home?

Remember to bring one of those mechanical Ophra babies!

Your friend was ugly by the way. 

Posted by Ole

At 3/14/2006 04:12:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ill bring you an "Abortion is mean" t shirt, the lady watching tha baby is by the size of an oger, and still a virgin, soo kind of afraid of messing with her. Makrell i tomat 

Posted by Emily


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