Saturday, March 18, 2006

Prize for best name goes to!

Yesterday I had an interesting incident at work. Probably every wacko in Norway walks through the busterminal, at least once in their life. I think we got some kind of wackomagnet installed at some secret room here. Yesterday was Friday so of course the wackos was not only crazy, but also drunk. That makes an interesting combination I can tell you.

One of them was really needy and he had to take a dump. What do you think he did? If you presume he walked into the toilet like any other normal person you are completely wrong. That would probably be unormal at this place. No he rather took the dump in his pants. Why? I got no idea, and I don't want to know. Of course he was quickly followed out of the terminal, but since he probably had left his undies at home there was a trail of shit where he had gone. Getting sick? Not more than I was yesterday.


Now of course I had a huge problem, someone had to clean it up. Who do you think got the honor? You don't even have to guess. Of course it was me.

Now, I would not touch that thing. I have worked in a old peoples home and in kindergartens so I have done my load of dirty work, but one have to draw the line somewhere. But I'm smart so I found a solution where I didn't have to get my hands dirty.

I found a firehose, opened the door, turned the water on maximum and sprayed the shit outside. There was only one thing I forgot to think about. People was walking past outside...

I found it quite funny, the lady did not. I might agree it was wrong of me to laugh so hard for overspraying her with shit and water, but she was dressed in a furcoat so I believe she actually deserved it.


Anyway, what I actually was going to tell you was this great thing I heard the other day. A friend of mine works in a kindergarden and one of the parents obviously have a great sence of humor. Probably the dad has told the mom "Oh please, I am so fond of India, we can also use your nameidea, but please let mine also get a go! Please!" The mom obviously did not notice anything wrong.

The kids name? Suna Live. While you think about this I give you a video of a kid at a spelling contest. He is clearly nervous, but seriously dedicated to the competition:

The funniest part of this vid is actually the judges comment when the poor kid faints. They don't say "Are you okay?" No, they are deadly serious and says "Stop the clock." What a great show of symphaty!

Now you might say "Suna Live is a nice name. What is wrong with that?" Well imagine when this kid grows up. Around the age of six all kids have fun with their name. One of the funniest things I remember was when I tried to say my name backwards. Imagine what a shock poor little Suna Live is in for. Her father can probably not wait for the day to arrive.

Enjoy your Saturday and please drink too much!


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