Thursday, March 16, 2006

Public Service for Emily

As you have seen from recent comments my little sister Emily has gone mental. Not only is she complaining about my beautiful decorative unibrown and called me a nobrainer, but the ultimate thing which have made me really concerned is her nagging for "Makrell i tomat". Clearly her visit to the States has gone wrong...

This is what she has written:

Oki brain damage, just send me those freaking boxes of makrell i tomat!

Posted by Emily


finn stipendet ditt, eller pant alle oelflaskene dine, kanskje du kan selge din unike samling av pizza bokser, og skrap sammen penger til makrell i tomat, jeg trenger makrell i tomat !!!!! Skjoenner ingen det ????? Hvis noen av mine kjaere brors venner har lyst til aa sende meg en boks makrell i tomat eller to saa er andressen , the foreigner Dell Rapids 57022 SD. Legg ved noen pondusblader saa kanskje Gud vil velsigne noen, detdet koster vil tilsvare en inngangsbilett til trafficklight party +1 ute oel!

Posted by Emily (3/14/2006 04:56:01 AM)

Now I have to make something clear for you. "Makrell i tomat" is actually chopped up fish in ketchup, some people characterize this thing as food. I would rather call it a fucking stupid idea. It's like eating haggish, and who the fuck would do that.

But since I love my public and follow their desire I herby give you "Makrell i Tomat". Enjoy Emily:

If you wonder who shot this exelent movie and took some artistic freedom and to make it so that you have to turn your screen 90 degrees to see it correctly I herby credit Mr. T. He is a wonderful photografer with a fantastic artistic skill. He can also dance:


So there you go Emily. But my public service is still not over. Last time I met my mother she asked me "Are you actually studying?" Of course I am and here is the proof:

There you see!

If there anything else you need or any question you want answered give me a clue and I will do my best to serve you!


At 3/16/2006 04:09:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

For ikke aa snakke om deg som sender link til bloggen din tim mine konservative vertsforeldre!!! Du er genial elsker deg ogsaa, og husk avholdenhet er beste form for beskyttelse !

Posted by Emily

At 3/17/2006 11:24:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for the record; I`m not picking my nose, I`m just scratching it! Great working with you Omir! You`re just so freaking talented! 

Posted by Mr. T


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