Friday, March 17, 2006

Singing out loud on Funny Friday!

Friday is once again here and to celebrate we are going to sing out loud! I bet most of you have heard about the tv show "Idol" where people who can sing might win a record contract. That depends on how many forteen years old kids they manage to bluff into voting for them. The fact that they don't sing any better than what you might hear in an average semi-good karaoke place don't seem to be of interest to anyone.


Me myself think this show is horribly boring. I think all of them sings like ducks, but that might be because I am tonedeaf. In 7th grade my teacher told me, during music class when all my co students was rolling around on the floor, laughing, to maybe not sing so loud. Or better not sing at all. Since that I have been singing on the top of my voice, always.

But I do know better than to go on national television and join a singing competition. Other people, who sings even worse than me, does not see their horrible voices as any barrier to do this. And this is the only part of these kinds of TV shows that I actually enjoy. Big time.

I herby present to you: People who can't sing, but have no friends to enlighten them before they go on the telly. (Some of these are quite long, but by god they are worth it!)

First off is Mr Eye Of The Tiger. He should have stayed at home this day. At least he is now famous on the Net:

He could at least have given some good moves to this performance like this guy. He should probably also have invested in an Idol Microphone and Camcorder set to practise before he went in. I doubt if it would have improved his singing, but at least he could have got an idea of how horrible it was before broadcasting himself on international television.

Practice your performance skills with the Digital Blue™ American Idol Digital Camcorder and Microphone.

This guy on the other hand should maybe have taken less dancing classes, and maybe stop watching "Brokeback Mountain".

I really have a hard problem understanding why some people think they have to do this on telly, but I am enjoying it so please make my day Mr. Stillings! Want an Idol bear by the way?


Miss Sabrina, the teenage witch, claims to have a voice which make guys hitting on her. I would rather hit her if I could choose. Judge for yourselves:

One person which I would not like to meet in a dark alley while he is singing is this guy. He is just soooo hardcore!

You got low self respect? Why not buy a pink Idol cap and wear it in public?


One guy who actually made it huge by singing like a hoarse elephant is Mr. Hung here. Search for his name in google and you will se he has now become a star. But I doubt it if he really know its because his singing is crap.

But to wrap it all up I want to give you my favourite of them all. The one and only Karaoke King with Barbie Girl!

Why did he tell that he worked in a chicken factory? It makes it quite clear where he got his inspiration from.

Want to torture your babies? Why not buy them some Idol accessories?


I hope you all will have a marvellous weekend and sing a lot while you are out there. But there is no need to take it out on national telly... But if you have to I have just one thing to say: Remember the text, especially if the song is quite well known, and break a leg!

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