Monday, March 06, 2006


This is a short one for my norvegian crowd. I know that my posts somethimes include some minor mistakes conserning the English language (thank you "English Teacher" for enlightening me). Thats because somethimes I write a bit too fast for my brain to follow up. But this guy who works in Nettavisen obviously didn't bring his brain with him to the school... And clearly the Norwegian classes went a bit too fast for him. I hope the paper don't pay him to good. Actually I believe they don't pay him at all. This is what you could find at their front page this morning:


Crash over-rasket alle


Nattens Oscar-fest bød på flere overraskelser og fire filmer fikk tre statuetter. Se video og bildeekstra fra showet.

[ Les alt om Oscar-festen på ]

For my english readers: Surprised is not written "sur-prised", not even in my native language. We learn that in 3rd grade in Norway. Normaly.


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