Friday, March 31, 2006

Why do they even bother?

I have just gone up to the faculty of social science to have lunch with my big brother (I hope he will pay for it). Up here it's a lot of people running around trying to get people to vote for their party in the student prlament vote.

If you ask me the whole studentparlament are a bunch of chitchaters. They have done nothing for the last couple of years and the students social benefits have decreased and all they have done has been to talk about their nice hotel stay at the last student parlament summit.

The most intersting thing is their ability not to spot who might vote for their party. I come up here, dressed in classic faculty of humanity outfit. That would be a military jacket and a palestinian scarf. But nontheless people come up to me and says "Vote for us!" then they hand me a leaflet which claims I should vote for the only non-socialist fraction who wants a huger incorporation of capitalist companies into the studies. In other words they would like to see masterthesis done on behalf of and paid by these companies. How nice to do a research on mobile media paid by a cellular service company. That would propably be a huge benefit for the academical world!


By my aperance one should think that they would know better, but still they do the effort to bother me. Give these people a life!

If I will vote? Probably blank until the day I become dictator!


At 3/31/2006 03:56:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would I pay your lunch? No such thing as a free lunch and anyway you make more money than me! 

Posted by Big Brother


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