Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Bit Overdue?

I have just been out to do some shopping. Primarily I went to get some beer for tomorrwo night as the day after tomorrow is 1st of May. In Norway that's a day where you walch in the first of May parade, celebrate old idols like Mr. Lenin and Mr. Marx. Because of this nobody is suposed to work this day and therefore its an exelent oportunity to drink on the 30th of April.

I also went out to get my leather jacket fixed and do some ajustment on my late grandfathers old watch so I can use it:


If you wonder why I wear the watch on my right arm it is because I am right handed and not left handed. To do anything else would be plain stupidity.

But doing all this I saw something funny. Some guy had clearly left his car without paying for the parking and he had not only recieved 1 ticket for this. No the nazi controllers had actually given him 7 of these nice notes. I bet all of them together are worth more than the car itself.




The car is clearly from Lithuania, so I don't really see why the traffic inspectors even bother. But probably they recieve a small bonus per ticket given.


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