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Can media create a war?

Many people has proclaimed me to be a paranoid lunatic with too many weird thoughts in my head. I will not deny this to be a fact, but for a long time mainstream media has tried to exclude me from the public sphere. With this blog they cannot stop me. I will now hereby give you the story on how media, unknowingly, created a war.

Most people read and thought about the Kosovo war, but not many understood it. One day the Serbs were attacking the Albanians, the next day the Kosovoalbanians were launching a strike against the Serbs. Then the Albanianserbs did a massacre upon the Albaniankosovians etc. etc.

Some people say that war is hell. I have seen war on TV and it looks quite cool to me, but I admit that this one was not such fun. One never knew which side to cheer upon.

The national society and the UN had the same problem as me. First they stated that the Albanians were killing civilian Serbs, then the Serbs were killing albanians.In the end it was quite clear that everyone was aiming at each other. It was a huge trap and nobody wanted to go inbetween.

But suddenly one day NATO said "The Serbs are the bad guys. We have to bomb them!" But why did this happened? To find an answer we might take a look in the media.

The Americans were the first to state that "Something has to be done with these damn Serbs." The president at this point was Mr. Bill Clinton and most of us remember that he had some problems:

In most other countries the fact that the president is a normal human being with a need for some intimacy once in a while is quite accepted. But the thought that the president was getting blown off and used a cigar (Cuban?) in certain intimate places made the American media go of the hook. Clinton was standing kneedeep in shit and needed something to withdraw the media attention from his sexual life and onto something else before the elections which were coming up in 2000. A war would be perfect.

Now Mr. Clinton had been in Africa earlier. Somalia made a disaster in 1993 and Clinton would not have pictures of American soldiers getting dragged through the streets by African getting published in the media again. So that was not an option. Where could he go then? "There are no black people in Kosovo" his advisor told him. "Perfect!" said Clinton.

But Mr. Clinton could not go to war alone. The European countries and NATO would have to support him. Luckily for him this thing happened on the 15th of March 1999:


Can't understand? Check this then:

"Corruption and malbehaviour shakes the EU!"

As you see the whole European parliament were accused for being corrupt. Their answer to the charges? "We are not guilty! We hereby resign from our posts in protest to these charges!" Can one make it more clear?

This information came out exactly 1 week before an important EU summit in Berlin. As some media stated this was one of the worst disasters to ever hit the EU. The disaster would be even bigger if the media started to put it on their agenda. The political advisors all over EU whispered "Hey, US wants to bomb Kosovo." "What a great idea!" said the European leaders.

Now you might say "Ok, maybe the US and EU needed to bring some media attention away from certain themes, and as such there is no better thing than a small war. But Norway had no asexual behavior (as we know of), and Norway are not a part of the EU. Why should we then want to go to war?" and that, my friend, is a great question.

You see, the Norwegian people had twice voted for or against membership in the European Union. In 1972 they said NO, and in 1994 they confirmed this opinion. The Norwegian people would not be a member, but clearly the government wanted to.

On 26th of April the Norwegian government had scheduled to vote for or against membership in the Schengen treaty. Ask any Norwegian what they know about the Schengen treaty and they will tell you "Its something about passport freedom..." They actually don't know anything about this treaty.

The Schengen treaty is not giving you passport freedom. You still have to bring your passport with you if you go abroad, and unlike before you have to show it if you arrive in Norway if you arrive from a country outside Schengen. Before it was enough to show the front at your passport, now they have to check it, and also your butt. In short its now harder to go abroad or to enter Norway than before.

The most important thing with the Schengen is that we will have to agree upon laws given by the EU, but we cannot vote since we are not members, and we have to employ the same asylum politics as the EU deploys. The Schengen is also a police cooperation system so if you do something stupid in one country they can see it in all others. As the police said to people who got arrested during the EU-summit in Gothenburg in 2000: "Welcome to the Schengen register."

The Norwegian government knew it would be highly unpopular to agree on such a treaty, especially amongst the socialist in the society. And especially since a lot of politicians who were against the EU suddenly thought the Schengen treaty to be a great idea. How much money they got paid is a big question.

They needed to turn both the attention from the media and the socialist to other areas. And what does the socialists hate and the media love more than corruption? War. Suddenly the whole Norwegian government thought war to be a great idea.

"Norwegian lives can be lost! Norwegian pilots ready to attack""

The media gave huge headlines to the war over the next 4 months, and the politicians were all soooo sorry that it had to come to this.

But what did the media say about the Schengen treaty? Dagbladet wrote this on the 26th of April:


In other words did they give room for one critical comment on the same day as the treaty was signed. After that the whole treaty was forgotten.

Aftenposten, the more conservative paper, actually put Schengen on their front page the next day:


You cannot see it? Here you go a closer look:


A small note at the bottom of the paper is better than nothing. Inside of their paper they actually had a nice article on how nobody had protested against the treaty. Though the article on flowers got a bigger amount of space:


On the radio they said "Norway is from today a member of the Schengen cooperation." Nothing more. Believe me, I remember.

This was, in my view, a tactical play from the politicians.

With the Kosovo war they managed to agenda-cut other topics which were hard to understand, and remove them from the peoples attention span. I agree that a war is important, but to start one to remove certain topics from the publics awareness threshold would be close to madness.

On the other hand it was also a brilliant move. Still the Norwegians doesn't fully understand the consequenses of the Schengen treaty, and even less on the corruption within the EU.

Hail to our politicians and their democracy!

That's the short story of how media, by being a strong voice in the public sphere, can create a war.

You think I'm a conspiracy maker? Please feel free to tell me. That's what the comments box is there for.


At 4/05/2006 12:22:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

so you finally got to publish your brilliant conspiracy theory. long love blogging! just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that no one's following you!

Posted by Anonymous

At 4/05/2006 02:07:00 PM , Blogger jedimacfan said...

I'm following you...

At 4/06/2006 12:08:00 PM , Blogger Ole said...

Ok, now you people see why I am paranoid. The spirit of George Orwell has been here and also Big Brother, under the preudonyme jedimacfan , has paid me a visit. I'm seriously planning to go undercover now. 

Posted by Ole


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