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Can a mediastudent communicate?

I am, at the current time, studiyng media and communication. Maybe someone will argue this fact since I have a tendency to drink coffe, eat lunch and discover the health benefits of smoking cigarettes (Mr. Ø finally found it!), rather than sitting with my nose in a book. But my mother once told me that these small things and also drinking huge amount of alcohol what was gave her most during her studies. Someone also told me that my master thesis will, once one has started, write itself. I am still waiting for it to be finished.

Anyhow, I wanted to check out if an average mediastudent really learns to communicate during their studies. Because of this I sent a mail to one of my fellow students who is sitting in the party comittee which is called Rosebud. There will be a party for media and communication tomorrow, 7th of April, and as you can see from the poster you may send a mail if you have any questions. And so I did. This was my request:

Rosebud copy

Dear Hxxxx!

My name is John Tender and I have a question for you.

I am an exchange student at the Institute of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo. Here I am taking the courses International Journalism and Media Economics. I also take the course Culture and Gender which is really interesting. We are learning how the female vagina has been objectified in the culture throughout history. Actually the painter Vince Flawn (have you heard of him?) once portraited a vagina as the Eye of God to prove how the transational female digestion have a narrative symbol in popular human dynamics and recourses. Do you think this is correct? I believe Mr. Flawn to have a benificial methodological problem, but that is my opinion.

Anyhow I saw that the organisation Rosebud will have a party soon and I have a couple of questions.

First of all what kind of an organisation is Rosebud? Is it a political party, and do I have to be a member to come? If so I would like to know your view upon female integration in the University. Do your organisation believe that females should have easier access to studies than men?

Also I see that your poster portray rabits, do one have to dress up as a rabit to be a member of your organisation, and is this ment to be a symbol of the imature tendencies one see in our society today? I also see that your rabits have some mighty phalloses between their legs. Do one have to have such a huge one to come to the party? You see I only have 16,7 centimetres, but I guess these rabits have have phalloses which is at least 30 centimetres. That is kind of huge I would say, but maybe normal for Norwegians. Can I come anyhow?

I have also seen a previous poster you have made and a friend told me that it said the party would consist of "grabbing of tits on women who enjoys it". Do I have to do this? I must admit that I don't enjoy that kind of a sexual game in public, and if your organisations party is going to be an orgy I would like to know. I also see on your poster that one of the rabits say "Amusing ourselves to death!", I expect this to be some kind or organisational motto, but if this is some kind of suicide cult, please tell me as I'm not into that kind of stuff either.

I would also like to bring a friend if I may. His name is Jan Simon and he is actually Norwegian. He comes from the town of Stavanger which he claims is really beautiful. He actually has his own political party! Isn't that cool? You can join it if you want to, they really have some good parties. Anyhow Mr. Simon is a bit older than the average student, but he do enjoy having a good time with people younger than him. Especially he likes to talk with younger men and he always gets good connection with them. If I come, can I bring him?

I also heard that there will be an easterquiz at this party. Will you have questions in English or do I have to bring my own questions if I want to join?

I think that was all and I am looking forward to your reply and hope it will be a great party.

Sincerely yours,

John Tender

Ps: Do you know that Rosebud was the name of the main character in "Bring it On"?

After waiting one week and still got no answer from the mediastudent, I sent my request one more time. This time I got a reply, but it actually made me wonder what we learn in our studies on communication. This is what I recieved:

Hello you!

About Rosebud party:
if you dare
no, but depending on his size, he might
bring your own


PS: About the orgy thing- you never know what's going to happen! Bring an umbrella!

Clearly my co-student had replied, sort of. She has never heard of Vince Flawn (really big in Portugal I can tell you), but even though she doesn't know him she does support his view on the female vagina in art. Its also clear that Rosebud is both a party and an organisation which have a huge focus on size and the accaess for women to study. But its not a suicide cult. Mr. Simon on the other hand is not allowed to come if he is not up to the size. I was also asked to bring an umbrella if there were going to be an orgy. It will be quite a fascinating party.

But still I found these answers to be rather hard to decode so I felt that I had to help my co student in the practice of communication. Clearly there is a problem that we are only studying theory here at the University. To help her a bit on the way I sent of a new mail:

Hi again Hxxxx.

Is this some kind of a code which you use in your organisation? Could you please give me the key to understand this code? Please explain, we have never learnt this in neither culture and gender or international journalism class. Is this some kind of a Norwegian code, or only used in Rosebud?

My friend Boris Popov also want to come and he claims he have 4 girls who are all into this orgy business. Can I bring both him and Jan Simon?


John Tender

The reply was quite short, but this time understandable:

get a life looser, and yes you can bring them.

I have to admit that 2 seconds after this my co-student was by my side and told me what a stupid jerk I am. Yes I got busted, Mr. John Tender is clearly famous at this institute. But still I see a lack of communication abilities amongst my co students since suddenly Mr. Simon is quite welcome, no matter what his size is. This will be discussed furter at the party tomorrow night.

But first I will have a small study trip to Denmark this evening. Here me and some fellow students will do a deep sociological study of group behaviour amongst Norwegians. Do they act natural, or do they arrange themeselves in a theatrical performance when going to Denmark? This will be a hard study where i might have to interact with my objects of study. Because of this this weeks Funny Friday might have to be a Funny Saturday. But I will give you a report on the conclusion of my study.


At 4/06/2006 11:18:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

oj - har du glemt knutsen & ludvigsen nå? 

Posted by bror

At 4/07/2006 08:40:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nå tror jeg du bør begynne å studere litt. tullemamma


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