Thursday, April 13, 2006

Can one get a free ride?

As I have told you all me and 6 other fellas was just on a student trip to Denmark. Now of course you all wondered how we, as students, could afford the ticket for such a trip. I can inform you all that we got the tickets for free after we sent an SMS to a competition Stena Line pulled off. But for a while we were quite scared for not winning enough tickets.

Because of this I sent Stena Line a short mail. I had not recieved any notification that I had participated in the competition. I thought for a while that maybe Stena Line did not want me onboard on their boat. If so, would they also keep other groups of people out of their boat?

If any of you feel offended of me making fun of people with disabilities when it comes to writing I am sorry. But even the best one can have dificulties on that area:


This is what I sent off:

Dear Stena Lain.

I have a question for you.

My name is John and I live in Norway as an exchange student. I have ben her for a while now and finally mandged to get some frends in your cold, but wonderful country.

Some off my new friends told me about your new boat ans that you had a compettition to get free tickets with your boat. They told me all I had to do was to send the mesage "Stena båt", "Stena avis" or "Stena line" to your telephone number 2225.

At first i tried to call you and leave this messages, but that did not work out well, so I borowed a frends phone to send you an sms. I am adyslectic and as you maybe see my writing is not the best. All my new friends have got a reply when they sent messages to you. But I have recieved non... One of them even won a ticket for four, but since there is five of us I cannot go with them, I would realy also like to bring som other frends. Is it because I am dyslectical that you wont answer me?

I know I sent you the messagges corect since a friend helpd me, but of course I might understand that you are afraid of having one as me onboard on your new ship. But my problem is actualy not that big. Only once have I gone into the wrong batroom, and I have no problem with numbers if I just read slowly so I prommise I can find the corect cabin to slep in. So I canot cuite understand why this would stop you from replying me. Is it maybe also because I am a foreigner (from Wales)?

I would really much appresiate a reply, since a cruise to Denmark is needed now in the middle off my studies, and al my friends tells me how much fun it is on your boat. Can you also smoke inside here? That would be nearly like being at home again. A lot of water and smoking inside!

Thank you so much in advanse!

John Tender

I actually had to send this mail twice. Clearly Stena Line do not care much about dyslectical people and their well being in our society. But in the end I recieved this reply:


Dear John,

Thank you for your mail. I am sorry to inform you that I can´t help you with your question/wish.

We have registrated your SMS of course, but unfortunately you were not one of the lucky winners this time.

The winners was automatically picked by a machine, and the activity is now closed.

I can assure you that the fact that you are dyslectical has nothing to do with this.

Better luck next time!

With regards,

Stena Line Norge AS

This is clearly only a bad excuse. "The winners was automatically picked by a machine." Yeah sure. I bet they used a vacuum toilet to flush down my request. What do you believe the security guys are doing while not bothering Alphamales? Picking out winners for free cruises of course. Clearly Stena belive dyslectical people cannot behave on board of a boat.

But I fooled them in the end and now I got 4 free tickets. Together with my co-students we actually got 16. Anyone in for a cruise?


At 4/13/2006 05:34:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Bush photo! And your letter was awesome, laughed my ass off reading it. Excellent work. 

Posted by jedimacfan


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