Friday, April 21, 2006

Funny Friday

It's once again Friday! My o my has this week gone fast. I worked night shift last night, and I slept only a couple of hours before going to work again. But I will do my best to give you some fun.

Since it is Friday many of you will go out to celebrate. Why? Because tomorrow is saturday of course. But one guy who celebrated a bit to early is this one:

He could probably have learnt a thing or two from this dalmatian:

This guy was also a bit to cocky I presume:

The lesson to be learnt from this? Never celebrate on a Thursday. Exept if you are a student of course.

But these bicycle people really impress me sometimes. Clearly they are one-of-a-kind dickheads who thinks life exists of walking on pedals and to reach some finish line first no matter how hard. But clearly they can't fight like real men:

But their public is not the most exeptional either:

I bet their public exists mainly of people like the ones portrayed below. I hav no idea why they do this, and I would not recomend you to do it at home, school, your work place or anywhere else. When you got the idea please feel free to skip the rest of the video. Actually I feel obliged to tell you that this is a video of a guy trying to break a CD with his forehead. How? By having another guy step hard on the back of his head. Imagine the worst scene from "American History X", but this time for real.

I will, after considering it, not embed it, but if you want to watch it click here. ANother stupid act of the same guys? Click here. These guys one can only find in America I presume... Hey don't blame me, I warned you. Ok let's rather see some kids going "jackass":

So much fine cultural things one can find at the Internet today.

If you have to much money in your hands, but still are an idiot, you might consider to buy some of this stuff. How about a six part toaster for example to spice up your kitchen:


That was it for today because I have to do some serious studying. But please, no matter what you do this weekend, don't dance like this guy:

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At 4/23/2006 01:21:00 AM , Anonymous Læffen said...

Møt opp på Melløs der blir det fart
Der spiller gutta i gult og i svart
Kråkene vinner og tre poeng de tar
Gjestene drar
tomhendt de var
Innsats og seiern er klar, klar , klar
Heia Moss , heia Moss

Hei mossegutter gå nå til kamp
Nitti minutter i svette og damp
Det skal vi klare
Ja detta skal gå bra
Mål skal vi ha
Mål skal vi ha
Svarte og gule og kra , kra kra
Heia Moss , heia Moss

Borte og hjemme kråker er best
Vi følger laget i nord, sør og vest
Kråkene vinner og helt til topps det går
Seiern er vår, cupen vi får
Kråkene herjer i år , år , år
Heia Moss , heia Moss

At 4/23/2006 09:30:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jaja. Tullemamma 

Posted by Anonymous


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