Saturday, April 15, 2006

Funny Saturday

Yes I know. Last week it was Funny Sunday, this week it is Funny Saturday. My mom has told me to organize my life better, but it is not always that easy. She has also told me to study harder and not only to blog. Because of the rule that I can only blog while working I had to postphone Funny Friday and make it a Funny Saturday. The fact that I, instead of working and blogging, went out and got hilariously drunk yesterday has nothing to do with this temporary namechange. I also managed to tell a girl that she was so ugly that her mom probably had to put a paperbag on her head when giving her a goodnight kiss.

Anyway we will not make to much fun of my mom or ugly girls today. We will rather take upon an easier target. And which is the easiest target to make fun of these days? Exactly right. I mean just look at this guy:


Ok I know one should not make fun of people because of their apperance. My mom has told me so (no I did not tell the girl the thing about the paperbag mom. I'm not mean, what did you think of me. I only told she that she was ugly.) But Mr. Bush is not only funny in appearance. When he opens his mouth its hard not to laugh. Espescially when he proclaims himself as a strategic thinker:

The comparison between Bush and monkeys is well known. And for sure it is hard to see the difference somethimes.


But the one thing that puts the Bushlovers in a state of rage is the comparison between Mr. George and Herr Adolf. They really hate that one. And because of that, lets look into this comparison:


Of course anyone can make a photoshop picture with comparison between Herr Hitler and Mr. Bush. One can also make a cartoon which depicts some similarities.




But it is the fact that the Republicans really hate such comparisons which makes it most fun. Because of that here are some pictures to make your blood boil:






It's fascinating to see how this comparison really shakes the floor. A teacher in Colorado got suspended after he compared Bush rethorics with the ones Hitler had made 70 years ago. What he said? Listen here. And the website had to remove a flash video which compared Bush with the Chief of Krauts. Luckily its hard to remove things from the Net. So here is the video.

The Republicans went totally mental because of this video and made their own version called "Kerry's Coalition of the Wild-eyed". I have still not found this video, but I foun this highly inovative Taxpay game. Its really entertaining. As entertaining as watching grass grow. But this "Yes I am a Republican" video is even more interesting.

Life is not always easy when this guy is the idol of your dreams:

Well I guess there is a mountain of stuff to put in here, but I will now leave the stage for you and recommend you to give a comment on the funniest Bush stuff you got. And enjoy your weekend!

And mom, for your information: I was not drunk yesterday, but stayed as home. You see, Bush is not the only liar in this world.

Last funny friday


At 4/15/2006 11:13:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have Jewish friends, one of whom is a Holocaust survivor and she's made the comparison between Hitler and Bush before. Unfortunately, she says it's so similar it's scary. 

Posted by jedimacfan

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