Friday, April 28, 2006

I am an academic!

After 5 years of studying academia I finally got a chance to use it in a working situation. In other words, 5 years of lending money from the governmet to buy beer paid off. This is what happened:


One of our benefits for working at the bus terminal is free busrides. Now the companies driving the buses have said that they will no longer let us enjoy this luxury. Yes they are cheap motherfuckers, but thats what happens when everyone want to gain as much money as possible rather than giving a service to the public. But this deal is a part of our contract at the terminal so the management had to give some kind of compensation. We recieved then a mail from our labour union representative that we had been offered 10000 nok (about 1500$) a year as compensation or we could have our own management pay the buscompany for our free rides. He asked us all to give our opinion on this.

Now one of these bus cards would cost 1810 NOK a month, but not everyone used it and of course someone would rather take the 10000 a year. After some discussion back and forth on this our chief sent us a mail were he said that it was silly stupid to have this discussion and that it was only the labour union who could negotiate these terms with the management. Furthermore the discussion did not follow the terms of the values in the company which are Rightness, Care, Structure and Responsibility (If you are a normal human being you will here say "WTF!?". They actually paid a guy a heck of a lot of money to give us these values, but that is not a funny story so I will not write it all out.)

He wrote further that these things would have to be considered on a meeting and then taken by the Labour Union to the management.

It was probably stupid of us to send all these mails also to the management, but normaly they are quite cool. But this mail I found hilarious. He says that we should not discuss these things, because it is not correct. Fuck off I say. I sat down and wrote a mail like this:

I don't believe it is your duty to tell us what we can and cannot discuss amongst ourself on mail. Take the carrot out of your ass and shut up.


But I soon realised that such a mail would be badly taken. But then I got an idea. I got 5 years of academical research in my CV, why not use it. So this is what I sent to all my colleagues:


Dear all.

I see that XXXX thinks this is a bit silly, but I do not. I want to remind you all of the mail we recieved from XXXXXXXXX regarding our buspasses:

Bla bla bla (Not important, he told us only to respond to the offer we had recieved).

This was further followed up by XXXXXXXXXX who told us all to follow this invitation and reply on our opinion. The management are also more than welcome to reply, I see no problem with that. But to propose that such a discussion on the Net is silly I find little constructive. Such a view is rather problem-oriented than solution-oriented. (I love those words, they have little meaning other than being quite hard to prove not correct.) And to refer to our companies basic values (those stupid words we paid a lot to get) in this matter I also find very incoherent. (Since nobody understand what is ment by these values nobody can claim this to be wrong either.)

The Net is a pretty new medium, but to use this to communicate opinions and have a room for debates is one of it's most important benefits. By this everyone in our company get a chance to partisipate on this discourse which now have been lifted into the public sphere in the company. This is a lot better than to discuss it on a meeting vere some cannot participate as our business is running 24/7. We could also have taken the choice of not including the management in this discussion, but as a sign of confidence (rather stupidity) we have chosen to have this discussion in the open. If it is needed we could also have a meeting on this topic, but by this everyone has now recieved a chance to give their opinion on the matter. As far as I know no one have been hurt as a consequence of this, neither will anyone get hurt in the future.

It must also be added that this discussion has so far been on what opinion the Labour Union should have on the matter, and not what the management or our business as a collective should feel.

Sincerely yours,


Most of this is of course bloody silly crap ment to make people think "I did not quite understand that. Then it must be smart." Probably they will think I am so smart that they will promote me and give me a grand payrise.

On the other hand they might fire me, and my bet goes for the last solution. But by God it was funny to send of such meaningless crap, just as they give to us. I can't wait to get their response!


At 4/28/2006 08:04:00 PM , Blogger jedimacfan said...

Post their reply. I love stupid managers. I used to work for a bunch of them.


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