Thursday, April 27, 2006

Norwegian state history

At my last entry I made a short remark on Americans and their perception of history. They have a great ability to rewrity history so it fits better. One example is what Soviet and the Red Army and their orchestra was doing under WWII. Americans have a gift for not including them when talking about the allies. But doing my studies I see that we Norwegians have some problems ourselves.

At the homepage of the National Archive they have a secion about the Romani people in Norway. During years these people was lobotomized and sterilized by Norwegian doctors and the Romani people still have a hard time being included. But this is what the National Archive has to say:


Norske myndigheter har siden slutten av 1800-tallet arbeidet aktivt overfor taterne (også kalt omstreifere, fanter, reisende, romanifolket og annet). Myndighetene hadde som målsetting å integrere taterne i det norske folk med fast bosted.

In english:

The Norwegian authorities have since the end of the 19th century worked actively concerning the taters (also called vagabonds, travelers, hippies, romanipeople etc.). The government had as a goal to integrate the romanis into the Norwegian society with permanent places to live.

Integration into the Norwegian society my ass! Rather up their nose I presume.



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