Sunday, April 16, 2006

Talking above my head

I am so fascinated by peoples interests and knowledge sometimes. I have some friends whom every time they come over to my place discuss some weird topic. And normally it's a topic which I have none knowledge about. Usually I end up drinking and singing for myself. Of course this never goes well. Is it weird that my friends think I am a drunk?

Last time my friends came over they were discussing speaker systems. For me I am quite happy as long as I have this:


But they where discussing how many Omh (or wathever it is called) there is in a speaker with 70 cubichectar and two defilibrators with a slow mounted stickerwire. They claimed that two disconectors would get 4 Omh while 8 Omhs would give higher density. I had, in other words, no idea what they where talking about. They even turned on the computer to check out stuff like this:


I tried to explain them that a 70 cubikmeter apartment with 8 rooms would give lower density than a 40 cubicmeter with only 3 rooms. They laughed of me.

This actually happens to me quite often. Another time two friends of me where discussing time travel in theory vs. practise. I actually learnt that if you bend time in a parabel you can always go back to the starting point, where time will remain the same. Also gravity will interact with time at some small level. This is all very interesting, but I could not contribute much to the discussion.


Now I know that some things I am not supposed to have much knowledge upon. Like cars, sports, makeup, the implication of fusion between water and gasoline or how to make superglue. I know enough to survive in these fields. But one of my friends favourite topics are computer science. This always puts me off, cause I like to pretend to know much about computers. But when they start to talk about the terrabyte line based in MS DOS they use at NASA I always loose track of the conversation.

They also like to talk about the latest graphic card which they have seen. Suposedly it runs with dual ex-flixhead components with a ronsted line and tricker cooling system which one can maneuver through the alfa Linux system and triple the speed by bending the efilus charge. I always try to get into these discussions, but normaly I end up drunk again and singing for myself.

This I can understand:


not this:


But last night I had an incredible experience. Someone was finally talking about stuff I know. The conversation went someting like this:

Guy1 - 4-4-2 is really hard to pull off.

Guy2 - No no no, 4-4-2 is easier than a 3-3-4 and much better.

Ole - 4-4-2 is not that hard. A 3-3-4 would mess up the rythm I believe.

Guy2 - But the 3-3-4 would make a better float I believe.

Ole - But compared to Mills Mess its slightly the same, exept one have to go over instead of under and the site swap between left and right have to be made quicker.

Guy1 - Mills Mess? Where does he come into the game? One should try not to swap too much I think as the game would be harder to pull off if you ask me.

Ole - Mills Mess is close to a 4-4-2 if you ask me and without swapping there wouldn't be much trick left. You know Mills Mess, inspiered by Steve Mills. But if you would like less site swapping then a 2-2-4 would do the trick, I mean that is just Boston Mills.

Guy2 - 2-2-4? You can't play with 2-2-4 then you would lack like 2 players on the field. Boston Mess, Mills Mess and Steve Mess are brothers I presume?

Ole - Players? Brothers? WTF are you two talking about?

Guy1 and Guy2 - Football! What the hell are you talking about?

Ole - Juggling of course!

Well well, I was a bit of the track there. But for once I thought someone had the same strange interests as me, but no. That would probably go against reality. But I guess I also got some strange topics to discuss which noone else understands. I can probably discuss these with myself while singing and being drunk.

This is perfectly understandable. Isn't it?



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