Sunday, April 16, 2006


Last night I was at a party. Well I maybe shouldn't call it a party, but a gathering of 10 people where noone knew anyone. It was quite fun, especially as the gin kicked in. The friend I went with had promised me that coke was excellent to mix with gin. I did not believe him and I promise you. Gin and coke is not a good mix (And yes mom, I went home with the last metro).


The guy who had the place had just moved in and the only device he had to play music on was a small radio. I don't listen to often to radio on Saturday nights, but clearly there is not much to listen to. The girl who was sitting closest to the radio found a station which she thought was so cool. It was a station playing techno non-stop.

Now clearly techno is not my favourite music. The people who enjoy techno is neither my favourite human beings. I mean look at them:





Obviously we are not talking about the brigthest people on earth. Now I actually do have some friends who enjoy techno, but i try not to see them so often.

I told this girl (she was actually dressed as some kind of an angel) that I thought her taste of music sucked, and that if not the gin and coke mix would do the trick, then her "we-got-no-taste-or-brain" music would probably make me puke.

She did not find this very amusing, but told me rather how she had learnt to appreciate this music while she was in Germany. She also told me how she had learnt to appreciate other stuff while being there. This did not surprise me much.

I asked her then, ignorant as I am, if techno music is huge in Germany. She started to tell me about "Loveparade", the big techno parade which millions of no-brainers attend every year in Berlin. I have actually been to this parade myself, accidentaly, and it was quite fun, but I did not tell her that. I rather asked why she thought the Germans enjoyed techno music that much. She claimed it to be because the Germans was so cool humans. I had another view on the topic, and I explained it to her.

I told her that probably the rythm of the techno music is quite close to march music and if you listen closely there is not that huge a difference between "Horst Wessel Lied" and the music played by DJ Rasgunyado, and I am not only saying this to insult Mr. Wessel.

As we all know Germans are traditionally quite fond of such music.



The girl did not find this remark funny. Actually she got pretty offended. But hey, if she can't take a joke, she should not blame me. Probably her choise of music and taste of other stimuli, together with her 4 years in Krauterland, has messed up her sense of humor. If she ever had one (her father worked for the military so I actually doubt it).

I always find it quite scary when there are huge groups of Germans getting together. Shouldn't ther be a law against that?





If you ask me there should also be a law against techno music. I can't wait to become dictator.


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