Monday, May 01, 2006

Congratulation worker!

Congratulation worker! Today is 1st of May and for the last time in my life I took a trip down to the center to take a check on the 1st of May parade and to see how the old commies are going along.


The first view which met me made me quite depress. My head was not completely attatched as I had a few celebration beers yesterday and my vision was also quite blurry. But in the entrance to the square where the parade was supposed to start I saw a bunch of people in blue jackets.


These guys are a normal sight on trains, metros and trams and usualy when you meet them they want to see your ticket. Since the norwegian word for the 1st of May parade "Første mai tog" can also me translated to "1st of May train" I suposed they had started to check if you had a valid ticket to participate. I found it quite sorrowing that also for this event they now take money, but I got my ticket out and went up to them. They just looked baffeled at me and it showed out that they where part of a music corps. Well bloody stupid of them to wear their working suit on a day off I would say.

Next thing that happens is a guy talking on the threath of atomic bombs.


This was quite a short speach and maybe there were 10 people listening to him. Actually the square was quite empty so I started to believe that I was to late. As you can see there wasn't even enough people to fill half the square:

But after a while the people started to pour in, and you found every kind of activist here.

Big and small, sitting and standing:


The military revoloutionaries (they where the least sober in the whole event)


The Black Block also finally showed up as the hangover from yesterday got better:


Hey, even Mr. Marx himself took the trip:


Then the leader of the Trade Unions made a speach. It was of course quite boring and of course mainly a lot of giberish with big words on how she and her fellow top leaders will make a better life for themselves with the help of the workers:

They could just as well have placed a sheep upon the pidestal.

But then finaly the big moment arrived. The moment when every 80 year old communist starts to cry, and every revolutionary dog starts to bark. L'international!

Well then finally the parade was ready to go, but I managed to mix in with a nice group of people. They where so kind to me that I chosed to joint their organisation named LTTE. Thay promised me that I could make a huge contribution by joining them. They will call me tomorrow on what my mission will be. They also told me that there would be great opportunities to meet some chicks in their organisation.


I went home after this as I believe the walking part was not of my priority today. But it is kind of sad to think that this was my last 1st of May parade ever. Cause next year I will have finished my master and will enjoy a leading position in the media market. I will not be welcome to join the workers on their great day then.

Here is yet another candidate to date my little sister: The Sexy Rock Star!


If he can play her som lovetunes is not known, but he for sure knows how to hold a guitar up in the air. But The Sexy Rock Star is not only creative when holding instruments up in the air. He also makes pottery!


Imagine the fantastic dates they can have together! But I bet you he does not participate in the 1st of May parade. Nobody with a shirt like that does.


At 5/01/2006 04:34:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not know who this guy is, he is from another town ,but used the same photagrapher. We had some good laughs of those pix 

Posted by Emily


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