Friday, May 05, 2006

Fun with politics on a friday

Summer has arrived and it's friday,. Time for some fun! I have a problem with my domain forwarding at the moment so you can not enter the site through my domain. Use until I have fixed the problem.

Today we will focus upon inconsequense in politics. First of is my favourite politician Mr. Bush and some colleagues of his. I have commented before on the weird logic of the political community on their view upon Hamas. First they tell the palestinian people that "You have to make free and fair democratic elections!" But when the palestinians voted for Hamas they are told "You will get no suport since this is not the democracy WE wanted." Its a truly sick world.

Good democracy:

Parade 2

Bad democracy:

hamas parade gaza 053004

But Mr. Bush is now mainly targeting Iran and their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Mr. Bush and company has stated that either Mr. Ahmadinejad either have to stop his research on nuclear weapons or he will be attacked. The interesting thing here is that the Alliance Against Civilization in the Middle East want to attack Iran with nuclear weapons. Is there anyone else who finds this a bit weird? "No you cannot have those weapons. If you do we will use such weapons against you! Get rid of our own? No way!" The fact that Israel and Pakistan have the same weapons doesn't bothers anyone.

- Mine is bigger than yours!
- Yeah, but its fucking thin!

But I have to admit that Norway also has it's share of crazy politicians. And the weirdest of them all are the members of the ultra-conservative-right-wing party FRP one of the biggest parties in Norway. Just look at these nice people, one have to adore them.


Now FRP have stated that they want to use chemical sterilisation on every sex-offender in Norway. I find this quite a good idea and I hereby put my vote in to let this guy, the mayor in Os, to go forward as the first example:


If I remember correctly he had an affair with a girl at the partys national congress. And if I am not wrong this girl was quite young and also drunk. Maybe some people will claim that she did nor resist the actual intimacy part. But look at him again and ask yourself who would ever have sex voluntarily with this man? Give him a bit of chemical castraiton I say!

Another interesting outburst from this party happened not long ago. This party has claimed for a long time that if a foreigner (that would for them be anyone who doesn't have white skin or believe in christianity) want to stay in Norway they have to learn norwegian. Now a lot of their voters are fat ugly Norwegians living in Spain. Most of them can't even say thank you in english and even less in spanish. One wouldn't expect no more from them either, but now the leader of this party claimed that "If spanyards want to work with norwegians in Spain they have to learn to speak Norwegian!" The fact that the norwegians living in Spain, according to his own political brain, should have been thrown out from the country long time ago since they hav not managed to assimilate them into the spanish society does not seem to bother him. Clearly this rule does not apply to norwegians cause we are white.


But the norwegians in Spain does not stop complaining here. Now they also state that they want their own Norwegian high school in Spain. The Norwegian government said no to this. But then Mr. FRP himself went out and stated "This is wrong and shows a clearly negative attitude." I wonder what he had said if the Somalian government wanted to start a somalian school in Norway. One of the we-dont-speak-spanish norwegians in Spain stated "It is not an option for me to send my kids to a spanish school." But of course, how can one expect this people to learn the language of the society they are living in. That would probably be too much for their brains. I would be truly happy if the spanish government would let all these norwegians stay. I do not want to have them around here, it is more than enough with their political views. To have them here physical would be a torture.

Now you might say "This is nothing new Ole. We all know this (at least the smart one of us who doesn't vote or vote for another party), why are you rambling about this then?" Well here is my point. I have been wondering where all these nationalistic and clearly fascistic tendencies come from, and during my studies I found the answer.

While I was reading one of my books I saw a picture of Mr. Bjørn W. Guineriusen. He was a norwegian who during WWII was one of the Silberfüchse which was a SS Jagdverband organisation of a nucleus of welltrained and ardent supporters of Nazi ideology. They where suposed to act as a stay behind group behind the Soviet front (yes, americans, the soviets where a part of the allies during the war). Mr. Guineriusen was leader of one such operation, which failed as they where captured by the Red Army. Now look at Mr. Guineriusen:


An then look at Mr. Hagen, the leader of the party in question.


Quite a recemlance I might say.


But this is not all. If you also look at Mrs. Hagen and compare her to Olga Bjoner, leader of the Nationalistic Woman Organisation in Norway during the war I believe we can state that these nationalistic feelings have been geneticaly transfered down the line. I rest my case.


As a final I like to present a new candidate to date my sister. As there is a chance that my sister is lesbian (who knows?) I present a girl today and clearly she likes to hang around in bars:


This one she will be allowed to take with her home.

To finish this Funny Friday of I want to present for you a loving mothers gift to her son, this.

Last funny friday


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