Saturday, May 20, 2006

Waz up!

Hi all.

I know it has beem a long time since I last wrote something on this blog. There has been a lot of speculations on why it has been like that. Some of you believe I got a new girlfriend, other think I'm finally studying and my mother assumed I was dead. That's quite normal. Luckily you where all wrong. What I have been doing? Come on, the sun finally arrived:


Sit inside and blog while the sun is up? I live in Norway, we got sun 5 days a year.

But I have been studying also, at least some. Actually the other day we had a celebration at my studies. Why? Because it was the final day for handing in our thesis. We where officially over time and of course that was a good reason for a party. While we where celebrating our defeat we saw this guy, he had obviously neither handed in his thesis:


Later in the evening we went to see our friend Morten and his friend Miss M play with their funk band Cobra Kai:




If Morten claims their music not to be funk, don't listen to him. I am a music journalist so I know my jargon. But the consert was absolutely cool.

What more have I done? Yes, the Norwegian national day was here. I had breakfast with my brother and some friends and a child. That was nice until my friends thought it was a good idea to change the diaper on the kid upon my bed.

In the evening I went to a party. That was also fun until the girl I danced with had to go to the bathroom and puke. Some people just can't take a tiny twist. I have to admit that when I left the party I was a bit twisted myself so I couldn't quite remember where I was.

That was the interesting stuff I think. Now I have to run to do some studying as I got a hand in in the end of this week. But on Saturday I got a reunion party, that will for sure be worth a post.

Ah yes, the day after tomorrow my sister Emily will come back to civilization. I can't wait to see which hillbilly she brings with her! She have to come back now I think. The trip to the States has been no good to her, just look at the pics she has taken and imagine how her superego will be. A year surrounded by mental retardness is not good for it I believe. But back home again she will soon get down to earth. At least as long down as we can get her, she was kind of filled with helium even before she left.


So long and thaks for all the jello!


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