Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Summer!

Summer is finally here and I have had a jolly good time in the sun. Most of the time I have been drinking, singing and enjoying myself.

But I have not been updating my blog as you have allready seen. Luckily many of you seem not to have noticed and you still check for updates once in a while. To satisfy your needs I will therefore give you an update on what I am doing. Cause I have actually done other things than just drinking.

Amonst other things I have helped my friend Mr. A smashing down a wall in his apartment.


That was actually quite fun, especially since I got to show my fantastic strength.


I also got the interesting experience to see how I will look when my hair turns gray. Rather handsome I would proclaim.


We took down the wall rather quick since we were 3 strong men and one even stronger lady. The problem was that Mr. A started to give us beer before we finished cleaning up. I guess his place still has a ton of bricks scattered around.

But I have also been reading hard. I actually had a lecture on propaganda in totalitarian states as part of my master and recieved the grade A since my lecture clearly "was well influenced by the theme I had chosen" as my sensor said it. I Guess my co-students never will pick on me on the amounts of books I have gathered on my desk.


I believe I got half the library there.

If you wonder why I got two unicycles by my desk it's because I had a couple of juggling shows. One at the summer party for my studies. 5 girls started crying when I put the torch through my pants. Clearly they believed that was the end of the fun we have had. I also had a show in a kindergarten where a friend of mine is working.




Me as a turkey with its tail on fire. The kids love it and their parents even more.

So as you all can see I have been quite busy. I have also been working, but that is not much fun, so I will not give you that story.

But I have started with one new thing. I am trying to get a driving license for motor bike. Some people claim that the chance of dying escales by 100 percent when driving a motor bike. But I already got a monster between my legs which puts me in deadly danger every time i leave my apartment, so I believe that one more will not hurt that much.

Take care all, enjoy the summer weather and keep on checking in as I believe some goodies will come your way in the future. By the way, youtube canceled my account for videoposting. I don't know why, but probably it was eighter because I posted myself taking a dump or because I uploaded copyright material. Anyhow all my videos are gone. Sorry!

Last but noy least, congratulations to Mr. M and Miss M for getting their music played on radio. Check out Cobra Kai as this band soon will rock a place close to you!

Take care and thanks for all the muffins!


At 7/06/2006 03:48:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

He lives! And to think I was just about to give up on you, much like a woman gives up on that "monster" between your legs. 

Posted by jedimacfan

At 7/18/2006 10:28:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jostein Sæther bless your soul. 

Posted by Anonymous

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