Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Job opportunity!

I have found a job opportunity for all my friends who have finished their master thesis (so far none...)

On this site you can find an ideal job where you can make use of everything you have learnt through your studies. Those wild parties comes in handy after all. This is the job (click for larger image):


For all non-norwegian speaking: The job is to be an erotic audioliterature reader. You will have to use your most sexy voice and read into a microphone (no I have no idea about the shape of the microphone...)so blind people or people who can't hold a book and jerk off at the same time, can enjoy such high class literature. In other words it might be seen as a job for the common good. Imagine how much easier it will be when we don't have all these sexual frustrated blind people walking around.

To get the job it says you have to be openminded... whatever that means. So go ahead, apply today, I bet there is thousands of people out there waiting to hear just your sexy voice telling naughty things into their ear. Hey, such a thing can make you famous! And what a gem to have on your CV.


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