Friday, October 06, 2006

Fox strikes again

Actually I have not much time to blog nowadays. I'm sorry for all of you people out ther who are no longer visiting my blog on a regular basis, but I have to finish my master thesis first.

But this story is too amazing not to make a comment upon. Most people out there who read or watch news have seen that Mr. Mark Foley, the Republican Congresman from Florida, have been in a comittee to investigate pedophelians contacting minors through the internet. To put this man in that possition is clearly as stupid as to put my dad in a comittee for a non-smoking environment in a hospital. Only a stupid person would think of something like that...

While being in this comittee Foley contacted minors to get their view on the topic. This is how the conversation went:

Now this is of course a huge scandal for the Republicans. Everybody sort of knew that they where crazy, but now one actually can prove it. But how do Fox news present this scandal? Like this:

You didn't get it? Well the Fox News propably thought "What should we do about this Foley thing? I got it, let's present the guy as a Democrat!" And the funniest thing is that many Americans think "Those bastards. I just knew it, now they finally show their real face! I will vote for the Republicans next time!"

This is even better than propaganda. And it works I bet.


At 10/06/2006 05:58:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, well - go f*** yourself! You're not writing your masterthesis at all, you little wanker. You're out drinking every night & partying. I know ... The thing is you don't care about us anymore, the real people. It's really sad ... Haven't seen you around at IMK once this fall! & here I am, friday night (well, it's six o'clock), 2 beers in my belly & head, trying to finish this f***ing master-mf ... You're a liar, Ole. & you know it! 

Posted by Mr. Triggerhappy


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