Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Advanced terrorism

This is an old newsflash, but I kind of just can not let it go unpassed. Not long ago this video started flourishing on the Net:

As you might see the video is showing a computer game where Arab looking people are attacking American looking soldiers. Now both the media and the American congress went berserk and claimed that Mr. Bin Laden and his hillbilly gang Al-Qaeda was making computer games wherein they learn young people how to be terrorists. Parents all over the globe where getting concerned and started spying on their kids. How Al-Qaeda could make this grat looking game from their Afghan caves was of concern to no-one. As we all know they can do anything these days as long as media write it.

This was an important thing on every anti-terrorists agenda until one day some gamers came out and could inform the patriotic anti-terrorists that the video was from a game called "Battlefield2" a game made by Americans and the favorite of millions of youths around the globe (including me).

Now suddenly all the concerned parents where no longer worried. They all said: "Ah, the game is made by Americans? How patriotic! Well go on and blow up some virtual people my son."

The funniest part of this story is that the game Americas Army made by the American Army to recruit young kids to kill terrorists has been on the market for quite a while with no-one complaining. This is clearly naturally as American soldiers have never hurt anyone who did not deserve it.

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