Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bringing you western humanity

Finally The States of America managed to give some of its well known democracy to Iraq. Rumor has it that children all over العراق, or Mesopotamia as it is also known as, are playing the good old western game hang man.

Now americans really know how to get rid of unwanted elements. If you want to you may even take the Virtual Prison Tour of Florida Department of Correction. How they presume that their highly sanitized way of killing people may correct anything is still a mystery for me though. But the most awesome part of this place is that you are not allowed to smoke on death row. Why? Because it can kill you! What a fantastic way of thinking.

Now USA thought of it as a great idea to learn Iraq how to execute people, now I believe that Iraq now this tradition far better than USA, but they both know that it is only stupid people who use such a tradition without using it as entertainment for the masses. In the good old days this was a very pleasing way to spend a Saturday for many. Enjoying your lunch while watching someone die.

Nowadays the market square has been changed out with television and therefore we could all enjoy the hanging of Saddam while eating dinner. Now the pictures we received on the telly was very sanitized. There were no sound and the video was of course cut of long before they let Saddam fall down the hatch. They are by no means barbaric while bringing democracy to Mesopotamia. This was what we saw:

Personally I found this even worse than the real thing as if this version is just a game. It's as if CNN tells you "Relax it, enjoy your meal, this is just a game and of no concern for you. Only a man going to be killed."

Now I have also seen the real thing, and when looking at it I wonder if the States have brought nothing to Iraq. Just look if you want.

Now by seeing this I wonder "What is actually USA doing in this country?" I mean just look at Bravehart. An amazing movie with a great execution seen at the ending where William Wallace cries out "Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedooooom!" Great pic! And take a look at the hanging of Ohmar Mukhtar in Lion of the Desert another great executional scene. But in the filming of the hanging of Saddam what happens? The Americans have been in that place for 3 years now and still they haven't managed to learn the Iraqians to hold a phone camera still. What a horror!

Luckily they arrested the guy later on. Clearly because of his bad filming, such a thing can not be accepted in a democratic country. But I guess Iraq still have a long long way before they can truly learn and appreciate American culture the way it should be consumed.

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