Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Google paranoia II

I have already admitted that I'm a bit paranoid. Not like mental sickness paranoid, just sort of the normal healthy kind. The kind where you know that CIA is cooperating with the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

Now some of you might ask "Aftenposten and CIA? Where is the connection." But for the ones of you who must have been living at a foreign planet the last 20 years I recommend you to look at their "funny" daily quote. Its a small notice stating quotes such as "Fabian hoped to become major candidate, but it will be Annelise. Goal out and hawk over hawk." Who understands such rubbish? And beside this nonsense they got the picture of a sorry looking dog:


Well most of us knows that it is NOT a touch of Gods interference that this "funny" thing is printed in part two, page five. That would be 2nd of May, the date of the death of J. Edgar Hoover. Coincidence? I think not! Of course these small gibberish notes are secret messages sent over to the States to control our society.

Anyhow, this is of course not news for the most of you. Heck everybody know this, don't we? But I found something far more disturbing the other day. Since I try to apply for work these days I'm quite concerned about what you might find on me if you use good old Google search. For examle if this blog pops up I'm truly fucked. But the other day I tried to combine Google image search with my full name. I was shocked. I'm a young man with blond hair an quite handsome. My problem is that so is this guy (not that handsome though):

This is horrible. By searching my full name you get only 6 pictures, and one of them is a blond guy dressed in a Hitler Jugend uniform rising his hand in a classical fascist salute.

In my defense I have to say that I can not remember this picture being taken. Probably I was really really drunk at the time. Do you think my future employer will accept this excuse?

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