Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy new year!

Happy new year everybody! I know it has been a long time since I have written anything on my blog now. This will not be a update on my last achievements, but just a short update on last nights celebration.

Last night I was at some friends house celebrating. It was quite fun, especially since most people were more drunk than me. My friend Mr. D. was absolutely not sober so he just had to show off with some chest hair, of course glued on for the evening:


Mr. D. is not to happy of having his face plastered all over the web so I had to remove his ugly appearance. But luckily for him someone else also wanted to show off their chest:


His girlfriend was also happy about this as she was laughing her hart out when we took the picture (Who the girl on the pic is? I have no idea).

At 12 o'clock I went out to see the firecrackers, but I have to admit that I saw close to nothing as it was raining and there was vision close to nothing. This vision was not because I had been drinking to much. Maybe more because of the smoke coming from the cigar my girlfriend was enjoying:


She was really proud because she managed to inhale the smoke coming out of it. I tried to explain her that a cigar should not be inhaled, but would she listen to me, the experienced smoker? No I think not.

Because of her imagination making her believe she knew better than me the gods of rain played her a trick later on. As we were walking home the rain had turned to ice on the ground. With new rain upon it. As my girlfriend was slightly drunker than me she didn't managed to handle this so she fell really hard and cut her lip. I was not allowed to take a picture of this, but there were quite a lot of blood:


When she woke up today she couldn't quite remember that she fell, so when she wondered why her body was hurting so much and why her lip was swollen up 10 times I told her she managed to get in a fight on the party. She did not believe me though, but as a revenge she is now telling everyone that it was me who beat her up. I expect the police to be on my front door shortly.

That was the short story of the new years party. But another story is that my little sister Emily is trying to get her drivers license.


She has already failed once as she hit a pedestrian on her final test. She said it was not her fault because, and I quote: "The fucker was walking in the middle of the street!" She still has something to learn concerning traffic lights. One of her favorite hobbies while driving is to speed up in front of a crosswalk and then brake hard just before it so the poor people who wants to cross get frightened. She thinks this is especially fun with old ladies. In other words this license will turn out expensive.

Thats all for now. I will soon give you all an update on my life, but until then you may enjoy this good old sing-along-song:

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At 1/07/2007 04:27:00 AM , Blogger jedimacfan said...

Welcome back! I was hoping you'd reappear on the blogosphere. Happy New Year, too!

And good luck to your sister on her driver's license.


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