Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hunt for work

As I'm pretty fed up of managing the bus terminal and have finished my studies I am searching for work these days. If you have a job for a master in mediastudies give me a call.

But you have to hurry up cause today I found the perfect job. MP Media Norway needs an editor slash journalist for their magazines. I thought "Could be interesting.." until I saw their homepage. Then I thought "Perfect!" It tourned out that this is one of their fanzines in Norway.

The fact that they have a magazine called "Sextream" only makes this job better. Imagine leaving for work proclaiming "Goodbye, I'm of to work now! Wank me luck!" Fantastic.

If I do this job well I hope one day to move over to their Czech department to work with their magazine "Escort" and their movie department. Or maybe even one of their webpages. I just can't wait!

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