Monday, January 29, 2007

Ole the insultinator

I have just managed to insult a 40 year old lady. I'm sorry, but it was actually her fault, and I take no responsibility.

As I'm leaving for Galapagos next month I had to get a vaccination for yellow fever. The problem is that every time I'm off to get a vaccination they always want me to get everything on their list. This time was no different. Probably they recieve a good amount of cash for each needle they put into my body.

This time I though not to get anything else than the yellow fever. Just a quick in and out. The doctor did not agree with me on this matter. She wanted to check out in her book what I should get. Now I have travelled a bit in my life, and I told her that I have every vaccination that is needed. When she began talking about malaria I thought "Here we go again." I told her that I had no interest in taking malaria tablets, and that there are none in Galapagos or Qito, but no she had to consult someone. She also found out in her big book that there is plague in Equador. Then she started reading out loud that one should not get bitten by the rats.... Well I try not to get buitten by the rats even in Norway. In the end we both found it most useful that I should take my yellow fever and also upgrade my Twinrix, hepatit A & B, to make it last a lifetime. I had then told her that the worst thing I would meet would not be the rats but these guys:

If so, there would be no help with a vaccination.

Now finaly we are ready to make the shot I thought, but no, she asked me if I wanted some general information on traveling and health. Stupid as I am I said "No, I don't need it." I even forgot to say thank you. That was the end of our friendly relationship. Not only had I so far tried to tell her how to do her job as a vaccination doctor, but now I also dismissed her and her knowledge of travelling. I'm a horrible person. She sat a bit baffeled and said "In so case I have to write in my report that you want no information!" I told her that I allready know that one shall not eat food found on the street. I meant it litteraly, but as a joke. She didn't think it was that funny, and probably thought I was a dickhead not to accept her knowledge.

In the end I agreed to take som brochures with me just to make friends again, but I did not accept her offer on a vaccination against diarrhea. But she was still not happy with my "know-it-all" attitude. I recomend you all to accept the vaccination ladies informatione, cause those needles she gave me stung like hell, just as my bill did in the end no matte how hard I tried to make it low.

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