Monday, January 08, 2007

Devaluation of my intelect

Hello my fellow citizens of the world! Long time no see. I am sorry that my blog has been rather boring the last few months, or rather half a year, but I had to write my master thesis, and in August I understood that this blog was much more fun to write on than my thesis, so I had to stop.

But now this thesis is finished! Yay, and I am done with 6 1/2 year of studying.


As you can see the front page of my thesis it was amazing. So was the things written inside. Even though my censors did not agree with me on this matter. My oral exam, which I had after they had read my report went like this.

Censor1 -We have read your report and we think you have a lack of theory. You touch upon some foreign theory on terrorism and also speak about media theory and effect, but it is not enough.

Censor2 -Also your analytical material doesn't start before page 52. You have way to much theory in your thesis.

At this point I was getting concerned. They actually told me this, both of them sitting in the same room. Now before I continue with this story I have to tell you that my thesis was a comparative analysis between a Norwegian newspaper during the WWII and their coverage on the Norwegian resistance vs. the same daily today and their coverage of the attack on "USS Cole" before and after September 11th. Now of course as one of my cases of study was how the Nazis defined the Norwegian resistance as terrorists and also how, by the objective definition given by the old UN boss Mr. Kofi Annan and also by the Genova convention, this was correct, I was already fucked from the beginning. You may, if you don't read it well, believe I'm a crazy neo-nazi or a hardcore commie who should have been placed at the warm earth of Guantanamo bay, getting a free meal and a spanking a day, long time ago.

My thesis was called "A fight for reality; terrorists and freedom fighters in a media historical perspective". In the beginning I had written with bold letters that the topic of the thesis would be to compare the coverage of terrorism and the ethical usage of this term between a newspaper under totalitarian control and a newspaper in a democratic society. One of the topics I also touched upon was how there is no real definition of the word terrorism, one mans freedom fighter may be another mans terrorist. But I had also written that for the thesis I would rest upon the definition given by Mr. Annan. This is how my oral exam went further:

Censor2 -How come you don't define terrorism? You talk a lot about different problems with such a definition, but you never give one yourselves?

I was nearly asking him if he had even read my report at this time. But the next question was even worse.

Censor2 -You say in your thesis that it will look upon terrorism in a historical perspective. Where is this so called historical perspective.

I, myself find this perspective quite obvious in a comparative analysis between a paper written during WWII and one written today. But clearly my sensor does not define 66 years as historical. I have to say I got quite upset as they gave my thesis a D. In reality this grade states that they thought my thesis sucks. But after my oral the put me up on a C. And then as a final statement I received this message.

Censor1 -Your writing is really bad. Your sentences are not connected and the structure of your reasoning is not good at all. Have you used a spelling check? Has anybody else read your thesis.

At this point I thought they were going a bit to far as 5 people, different ones, had read my thesis, and yes I had used a spelling check. And not at least, I know I am a good writer. But I just smiled to her and said, yes and that I could not understand how it could be that bad. But she explained to me that she was a linguistic and she knew the difference between good and bad writing. I did not tell her to show her knowledge up a very special place. I am all to kind for that. On their way out the sensors told me that I should keep on writing and send some applications to the fond for practical media studies. Totally confusing comment I believe. But they also stated, in front of all my co-students that a doctors degree in media studies was maybe not the way to go.

Because of this I was angry for about a week. Or maybe a week and a half. But noone will stop me from writing! Mohahahahaha

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